Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Book Blitz

On Saturday The Lucky 13s came together and did a Book Blitz. People on Twitter tweeted us page numbers, and we tweeted out one line from that page. It was a lot of fun, and I loved seeing the lines from some great books that are coming out in 2013! We were even the number one trending hashtag...woo-hoo!

These are the lines I tweeted from CANARY. Which is your favorite?

10: We had been moving through life avoiding conversations about her.

171: I tried to focus on Jack, on being with him and my friends and the fact that I was supposed to be having fun. 

11: We're not his family, his team is. 

223: A quick crack of his words and we were no longer together. 

94: My guess is Jack and the rest of the team would be warming the bench if their actual schoolwork decided playing time.

93: Jack needs help with his history assignment that's due tomorrow.

220: Jack doesn't even try to understand what happened that night at his party.

5: You promised we didn't have to leave our old school.

155: You're going to get killed.

34: If you asked me to pinpoint the moment the breaking happened, I'd say that was the point where I lost Dad. 

First page (and first line!): Your dad will leave you when you are twelve.

46: We tried to be a family.

99: Beacon had given back something that was missing in my life. 

34: He became basketball, and to me, to Brett, he became lost.

56: "Okay, just in case," I promised, but I knew I could take care of myself.

59: Find something to do besides stalking your little sis.

77: What doesn't make sense is why you can just walk back onto the court and Coach makes you a starter.

186: She only goes to our school because her mom teachers math, otherwise, she wouldn't be able to afford Beacon.

97: There is a thin line between everything and nothing.

50: The day after Mom died, I started swimming laps to survive.  

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