Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Speak Up YA

I'm teaming up with the wonderful Chelsea Pitcher (author of The S-Word and fellow Lucky 13s member) for an ARC giveaway.  Both of our books deal with bullying and assault, issues that are very important to us.  The main characters need to find the strength to speak out against injustices, even when it is hard to find your voice.

The winner gets signed advance copies of both our books and lots of awesome swag that goes along with it (woo-hoo!).

There are lots of different ways to enter, and we'll run the contest until 12:00 a.m. Thursday (March 28).

We'd love to hear about how you've spoken out against bullying or assault (or how someone else has spoken out for you).  We figure this is a great way to put some positive back into the world and take a stand.

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Michelle Sedeño said...

There was a time where I overheard a conversation. The guy told the girls to stop being mean to this one girl they're talking about, because she's not doing anything to them.

Rachele Alpine said...

Thanks for sharing, Michelle! I love that you shared a story about someone speaking out against bullying. Yay!

Paige G said...

My alma mater has started this Facebook group confessional. Some of the confessions are fairly innocent, but some are downright awful! I'm glad that the group moderators listened to those who complained about how mean spirited some of the "confessions" are and removed them and started to examine the confessions for appropriate content.
Even with anonymity protecting you, there's no reason to call anyone ugly or slutty or a bitch. That doesn't make you better. It only shows how ugly your spirit is if you can say something like that and allow anyone to read it and feel proud of it.

Rachele Alpine said...

I can't see how a group like that would be a good idea! It's sad but true....when people can hide behind anonymity, they often feel like they have the right to say anything. I even see that with social media and people do use their names, but they feel like it's easy to say stuff to people when it's not face to face. Thanks for sharing!

writer.dreamer said...

For seven years I worked as a manager at McDonald's. This of course, meant dealing with a lot of teenagers and the drama that goes with it. There were many times when I'd have to stop employees from bullying each other, as well as speak to them after they've said something to harm another. Whenever I see someone bullying or assaulting someone, I speak up, because there is no way I'd let that fly!

melannie (: said...

This is kind of embarrassing but I have to share that my little brother, who is 14yo-6ft tall-200 pounds of muscle, is kind of a jerk. He's really popular and every kid wants to hang out with him. So this one time I had to pick him up from school and I saw this scrawny kid trying to get my brother's attention and my brother was totally ignoring him.

So when he got in the car I was like "what's up with that?" and he was like "him and me are from different social circles, I can't be seen with him".

I nearly cried right there because he, my own brother, was turning into a bully, so I had a long talk with him and tried to make my point that no one should be treated differently, no matter how different from us they seem to be. I hope he understood.

Sarah (The Book Life) said...

When I first started high school I was a little overweight, and there were a couple of girls in my gym class that would pick on me in the locker room. One day one of the girls shouted at me from across the room "Are you pregnant or something?" then started laughing with her friends. One of the other girls in my class immediately stepped in front of me, gave the girl some attitude and took all the attention off of me. We weren't really friends before then, but we became friends after :0)

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