Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Try To Stop It, Speak Out About It, Don't Be Silenced

A lot of people have contacted me this past week about the Steubenville rape case and CANARY.  I believe the decision to write my book speaks to my view on many of the issues that are embedded in the case, so instead, I'd like to point you to some important resources on the topic:

A well written article providing background on the case.

A powerful blog post written by a friend about the case.

A brave piece written by a rape survivor for The New Yorker.

Resources if you would like to speak to someone or need help.

Books I believe every teen should read:

Speak (Laurie Halse Anderson)

The Mockingbirds (Daisy Whitney)

Inexcusable (Chris Lynch)

What Happens Next (Colleen Clayton)

I also think it's important to remember what each and every person's duty is as a human being. 

If you see something wrong happening...TRY TO STOP IT. 

If you can't stop it or it has happened to you, SPEAK OUT ABOUT IT. 

Whatever you do, DON'T BE SILENCED. 

Speak out, even if it's the hardest thing you've ever done in your life. 

Speak out.

Let your voice be hard.



Kristan Hoffman said...

Thanks for the link love, thanks for these resources, and thanks for writing CANARY. I'm looking forward to reading it, not because it's a fun topic, but because it's an important one, and I'm sure you've handled it with sensitivity and grace.

(Part of me seriously considered whether I should buy copies and send them to people involved in these cases...)

Beth said...

I'm not familiar with this case, and I can't access the article you linked to. I'm getting an error page. The blog post was good though. Good luck with Canary.

jaime said...

Thanks for posting this....even in my workshop this semester (at an Ivy, no less), a fellow female student, during the critiquing of a rape memoir piece, said, "Well, did you ever think it was just a bad mistake?" Another person asked if she'd tried to get in touch with him for HIS side of the story. Rape Culture is alive and well, even in the most liberal, "enlightened" places. THank you for writing a book about this.

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