Friday, November 15, 2013


Today I'm so excited to be helping to reveal the cover for DEADLY LITTLE SINS, the third book in Kara Taylor's PREP SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL series.  Check it out and enter to win an ARC of book 2, WICKED LITTLE SECRETS!

 photo 18404162_zpsd5226b8b.jpg

How awesome is it?

Enter here to win an ARC of Book 2 and make sure that you add DEADLY LITTLE SINS to your Goodreads shelf!

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reviewers Rock Contest!!!

CANARY has almost 200 ratings and 70 reviews on Goodreads, and I couldn’t be more grateful. Book reviewers rock, and I know how much time it takes to leave your opinion about a book.

Because of that...I want to give a little “thank you” back! Megan Spooner just ran a great contest, and I thought I'd continue to spread the reviewer love by having one of my own.

How about the chance to win a limited edition annotated copy of CANARY (there are only two others in the whole entire world!)??? An annotated copy includes comments, secrets, doodles, and other good stuff handwritten all over my book. Woo-hoo!

Sneak Peek:

From now until the end of the year (midnight January 31, if we want to get technical…I’ll even have the whole nation countdown for you!), if you review CANARY, you’ll be entered to win. And even if you don’t win the big prize, I’ll send some CANARY swag to you.

All you have to do is leave a review of CANARY on one of the following sites (you can get up to three entires if you review on all three sites):
Barnes and Noble

Share with the world your thoughts on CANARY (whether you liked it or not).

Once you review, make sure to enter below with the name you reviewed under, so I can find it.

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Thanks so much for helping to spread the word about CANARY! Y'all are the bomb diggity!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

YA Author Event

What are you doing on October 19th?  

If you live near the Cleveland area (or are up to a road trip!), you should come to the Powered by Reading Author Extravaganza.  

Eleven YA authors will be at my school to participate in panels, an author meet-and-greet, book signing and book fair.  My school librarian and I are busy planning the event, and we're so excited about it.

You can read more about it on our school webpage (and register for a glow-in-the-dark tee-shirt!).  Hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Deal of the Century

Oh goodness...I've been neglecting this poor blog!  I hope some of you are still visiting from time to time!  I will try to get back into the groove of blogging now that the book release whirlwind is over.

I wanted to let you know that the e-book version of CANARY for Kindle and Nook is on promo for 99¢ until Wednesday at midnight!  After that, it goes back up to regular price.

So if you haven't bought a copy of the book yet and have an e-reader...get yourself a copy and happy reading!

CANARY on Kindle

CANARY on Nook

Monday, August 5, 2013

CANARY is on Tour!

CANARY has packed its bags and is heading on tour!  If you ever wanted to be a groupie, now is your chance. 

CANARY will be touring some fabulous blogs over the next week and you'll be able to read excerpts, hear never before secrets, read reviews from people who got advance copies, and win copies of the book.  

So why not come along for the tour? I'd love to have you with us!

Monday, August 5:
Tuesday, August 6:
Wednesday, August 7:
Thursday, August 8:
Friday, August 9:
Saturday, August 10:

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Release Day, CANARY! (And Win an Annotated Copy!)

Today is Canary's birthday, and I'm over the moon with excitement that you're all finally able to read it!

About Canary:

Staying quiet will destroy her, but speaking up will destroy everyone.

Kate Franklin’s life changes for the better when her dad lands a job at Beacon Prep, an elite private school with one of the best basketball teams in the state. She begins to date a player on the team and quickly gets caught up in a world of idolatry and entitlement, learning that there are perks to being an athlete.

But those perks also come with a price. Another player takes his power too far and Kate is assaulted at a party. Although she knows she should speak out, her dad’s vehemently against it and so, like a canary sent into a mine to test toxicity levels and protect miners, Kate alone breathes the poisonous secrets to protect her dad and the team. The world that Kate was once welcomed into is now her worst enemy, and she must decide whether to stay silent or expose the corruption, destroying her father’s career and bringing down a town’s heroes.

·         Buy it on Amazon 

Praise for Canary:

"A searing and tender portrait of the complexities of high school friendships, dating and privilege. CANARY is a testament to the power of hard-won truths."
~Daisy Whitney, author of THE MOCKINGBIRDS and WHEN YOU WERE HERE

"The subtle way Rachele Alpine addresses love, loss, popularity, and friendship makes this book a realistic and arresting read. For anyone who ever struggled with frenemies and fitting in, CANARY is an important addition to contemporary YA discussions."
~Jennifer Brown, author of THE HATE LIST

"In an engrossing, carefully unfolding drama, sophomore Kate Franklin adjusts to a new school, a powerful set of friends and a family that is falling apart...Overall, a sophisticated, evocative portrait of a teen girl finding her place among peers and family. (Fiction. 14-18)"

"Rachele Alpine's CANARY sings the truth about what happens when we put our high school heroes on a pedestal and give them the power to act like villains."
~Erin Jade Lange, author of BUTTER

"Alpine’s Canary is a deeply-felt, poignant account of someone trying to find strength in a world that has hurled its worst at her. Alpine has created a compelling narrator in Kate and the challenges she must face are both realistic and heartbreaking."
~Colleen Clayton, author of WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

I'm giving away an annotated ARC to celebrate the release.  It's full of secrets, comments, and doodles! All the good stuff you wouldn't know unless you had this copy of the book!  Enter to win below...the contest runs until midnight on August 14.  Good luck!

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I can't believe that today is finally here, and I'm so thankful to all of you who have been along for the journey!  Happy reading!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Artist's Block

One reason that people have artist’s block is that they do not respect the law of dormancy in nature. Trees don’t produce fruit all year long, constantly. They have a point where they go dormant. And when you are in a dormant period creatively, if you can arrange your life to do the technical tasks that don’t take creativity, you are essentially preparing for the spring when it will all blossom again.

Marshall Vandruff

Friday, July 19, 2013

Cover Scoop (Reblogged)

Today I wrote a post for The Lucky 13s blog about my cover and part of the design process.  I wanted to share the insider's view with all my readers here too, so I hope you don't mind if I reblog it!

Of all the things a debut author can be nervous about during the path to publication, I have to say that my cover was one of the biggest for me.  I thought about it all the time.  Would I love it?  Would I hate it?  Would it make sense to my book?  I was so worried about it that when I finally got the e-mail from my editor with the cover, it took me almost two hours to open!

But luckily, I LOVED it.  Although, it wasn’t what I was expecting at all. 

Here's my cover story...

About six months before I saw my cover, I received a document full of questions that would help the art department with the creation of my cover:

CHARACTERS: Please give a description (hair color, eye color, height, age, sex, and race) of your two main characters. If your characters are not human, please be as descriptive as possible. Feel free to attach images for reference.

NAME: Kate Franklin
SEX: Female
AGE: 15
HAIR COLOR:  Brown hair (long enough to pull into a ponytail)
RACE: White
ATTITUDE: She’s going through some tough times for a lot of the story…she misses her mom and feels alone during most of the story because her Dad can’t/won’t connect with her and her brother has enlisted into the Army (which scares her).  She wants to find a connection to people, but has a hard time doing that because she doesn’t want to compromise herself. 
SIMILAR TO: Ellen Page, Willa Holland, Molly Ephraim, Ashley Rickards
CLOTHING: Current with the trends, but not too trendy…jeans (maybe skinny jeans), ballet flats.  She also wears a navy blue uniform skirt with white blouse.
OUTSTANDING FEATURES: She’s pretty average looking; I don’t think she has a feature that stands out.  She’s pretty, but not beautiful.

NAME: Jack Blane
SEX: Male
AGE: 16
WEIGHT: Tall and thin
EYE COLOR: Blue/Green
RACE: White
ATTITUDE: A bit cocky because he’s a star athlete and feels he gets privileges, but he’s also a good guy…he respects Kate and her father (the coach)
SIMILAR TO: Chord Overstreet, Chad Michael Murray
CLOTHING: I picture him in typical preppy type clothes (Hollister, American Eagle), I reference him wearing jeans with Converse sneakers, hoodies.  At school he would wear navy blue or khaki dress pants, white dress shirt and tie as part of his uniform.  His basketball uniform is maroon and canary yellow.
OUTSTANDING FEATURES: His eyes…they are a greenish-blue…kind of like looking at earth from space

*Swimming pool at night (Kate swims laps in the dark, her mom also swam at night when she got sick)
*Basketball court (the main character does not play, her dad coaches and she watches her boyfriend play)
*Beacon Prep School (old brick school)

*Maroon and canary yellow (the basketball team’s colors)
*Kate wears a navy blue uniform skirt if at school

*The main character fights off a sex assault by a player on the basketball team and wants to speak up about it, but her dad silences her (he’s the coach of the time), she must decide whether to say something or not.
*The main character has lost her mom and feels like her dad has shut himself down and won’t talk to her and her brother.  She feels like she’s alone with no one to talk to.
*The main character is pulled into the world of privilege and perks given to the basketball players at her school.  The players are basically treated like gods and can do no wrong (they get away with everything).

*Swimming pool at night (Kate swims laps in the dark, her mom also swam at night when she got sick)
*Basketball court (the main character does not play, her dad coaches and she watches her boyfriend play)

When I envision the cover I see either a silhouette of Kate swimming in a swimming pool at night (perhaps from above, so the whole cover is the pool and her silhouette is on the bottom) or Kate floating on her back in a pool at night maybe with her hair spread out around her.  Again, I see the whole cover the pool and a small part the main character of Kate.  I think this would evoke the idea of solitude or feeling alone, especially at night.

The other image that comes to mind is an empty basketball court and either Kate sitting alone in her school uniform on the edge of a bleacher or lying on the floor of the court (again, the whole court is most of the cover).  This would also evoke that idea/mode of being alone or solitude.  She doesn’t play basketball, but she’s surrounded by it.

Something similar to the cover for Carrie Arcos' Out of Reach...

After submitting all of this information to my art department, this is the cover that they came up with:

Not exactly like the cover that I suggest, huh!?!

If you look at my cover compared to the information I gave my art department, you would probably think it’s way off from what I was suggesting.  But the thing is, I think they got it before I did.  Throughout my comments, I kept referencing words like “solitude,” “alone,” and “scared.”  That’s exactly what the cover expresses.  I also love how the colors are those of the school and that the canary is in a basketball court.  The background looks like a school lunch bag and the vivid blue of the tear suggests hope.  I couldn’t have asked for a better cover, and I love the way the artist translated the emotions from the book.  

What do you think?  Would you pick it up off the shelf?  Click here to read more about Canary on my website.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Celebrate CANARY's Launch!

CANARY is flying into the world soon, and I'd LOVE for you to help me celebrate!

I'm having two launch parties...a physical one and virtual one on Facebook.

The physical one is July 31 at 6:30 at Fairview Park Public Library.  There will be cupcakes, prizes, and books to purchase and get signed (or you can bring your own copy if you've already bought one).

I can't tell you how excited I am to have my launch at the library.  The Fairview library is my childhood library. I begged my mom to take me almost every day (and when I was old enough I rode my bike), the librarians all knew my name, I did all their programs, and even worked there shelving books when I was in high school!

RSVP here if you can make it (or just show up and surprise me!):

The virtual launch will be online through Facebook and include prizes, books secrets, and other fun surprises!

RSVP for the virtual launch here:

I hope you can join me for one (or both of the events)!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sprout Head

On the first day at the Kenyon Review writer's workshop, one of our teachers presented each of us with a tiny head.  He told us to hold on to them while he gave his talk and try to figure out what they were.

It turns out that they are seed bombs.  People throw these all over urban cities and flowers sprout from them.  The idea is to add beauty to places that may otherwise just be run-down.  What a great idea!

He told us they were a metaphor for the week to come and all the ideas that would sprout from our heads.  I planted my "seed face" when I came home, so we'll see if great thoughts continue to grow from it!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kenyon in Picture

I think each summer I go to the Kenyon Review's writer workshops, it gets harder and harder to leave.  This was my first summer attending their program specifically designed for teachers, and I loved every minute of it.  I came home with some great ideas for my own classroom and filled a whole legal pad with new writing that I did.  I'm already looking forward to going back again next summer!

Here are some pictures from my week at Kenyon...
Bright and early ready to start a new day of writing.
I'm waiting for everyone else in our classroom with my best friend coffee!

My writing tools!  

We all read from something we wrote during the week.
This is the room where our reading was held.

Middle Path.  Kenyon College is so beautiful.

This is the coffee shop I was at two summers ago when I learned that CANARY sold!

This is the dorm John Green lived in!
He tweeted me his room number, but I couldn't get in to take a picture of the door
(which is probably just as well...that's border-line stalker!).

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Oh Kenyon College, How I Love Thee

If you've followed my blog from the start, you know that one of my favorite places in the world to be is Kenyon College, where I participate in the Kenyon Review Writers Workshop.

I'm back for my fourth summer and this year I'm in a workshop specifically designed for teachers (who love to write!).  I've only been here for a day so far, but I'm loving that I'm back on campus.  There's just something magical about writing on this school (hmmm....maybe it's the fact that this is where John Green went to college!).

This year I'm staying in brand new town houses that students haven't even lived in yet (so glad I'm not in the dorms!), and I got a good laugh over the fact that I brought the same comforter I used over a decade ago in my college dorm!

I'm hoping to get a lot of good writing done in the dorm room!

You can read about my past adventures at Kenyon here, here, here, and (this is the post where John Green tweets me back!).

And if you want to see more of the beautiful campus, the movie Liberal Arts was filmed here (while I was at the conference two years ago!).

Friday, June 28, 2013

June 2013

Oh, how I've neglected this poor blog!  I'm so sorry for those of you who follow me and check for posts.  I'm making it a goal this July to get back to blogging more often (uhm...I used to post every single day!).

How is your summer going?

Mine has been really busy because I'm preparing for this thing called my book launch!!!  It's almost here, and I'm so excited you will all finally get to read CANARY!

That's not the only thing I've been up to, though.  Here's my summer so far in pictures...

Friday, June 14, 2013

CANARY book trailer

Icey Books has helped me to reveal my book trailer for CANARY today, and I'm so excited to share it with you!

Make sure to go to their site, so you can read about how the concept for the video came about and enter to win an annotated ARC of CANARY (which means it's full of my scribblings, comments, and doodles!).  Hot diggity dog!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

CANARY Got Kirkused

Kirkus Reviews posted their review of CANARY on Friday.  I've always felt like this was one of the major rites of passage to writing your first book...getting "Kirkused."

While you have to have a subscription to read what they wrote, my marketing department gave me a sneak peek.  I was pretty happy with my review (especially since I've read some pretty harsh reviews from them).  

You'll be able to read it when it's made public two weeks before CANARY's release, but in the meantime, here's what they made visible on the site to everyone...

The first line of the review:

In an engrossing, carefully unfolding drama, sophomore Kate Franklin adjusts to a new school, a powerful set of friends and a family that is falling apart.

The summary quote:

"Overall, a sophisticated, evocative portrait of a teen girl finding her place among peers and family. (Fiction. 14-18)"

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

CANARY Trailer Reveal

Have you ever seen a book trailer?  They're one of my favorite ways to hook a reader to a book.  I start my school year by showing some of my favorites and it never fails that many of my students will pick a book from one of the trailers I showed them.

Well, guess what???  CANARY has a trailer now!  It's awesome and emotional and I love it to pieces!
I can't wait to share it with you!

I thought it would be fun to get a bunch of people involved in the reveal (which will be Friday, June 14th).  You can share the trailer on your blog, Twitter, Facebook page, or any other social media that you can think of.

As a thank you, I'll randomly pick one person who signed up and shared my trailer and give you one of the very last ARCs that I have (I only have three left!).

If you want to be a part of the reveal, please fill out the form below, and I'll send you all the details (including a sneak peek of the trailer on Thursday, June 13th).

Friday, May 24, 2013

John Green - Paper Towns

I love this print with a quite from John Green's Paper Towns (I wish could buy it!):

I found it here!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

75 Days until CANARY is released!

Do you know what today is???  

75 days until CANARY comes out!  

That's not a lot of time at all, which is awesome, because I'm so excited to finally get to share this book with you!

I thought this would be the perfect time to give away one of my last ARCs and an awesome prize pack full of other reading/writing things. 

Sound good?

I thought so!

Here's what is up for grabs in my celebration pack:

An ARC of CANARY (because who wants to wait 75 days???):

An embroidered composition book cover (check out Danielle's ETSY shop, she has tons of awesome writer/reader related items!):

Two notebooks to use with your cover:

And a reusable coffee cup sleeve:

The contest is open until midnight on Tuesday, May 28th.

Thanks for helping me celebrate 75 days until CANARY is released!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I'm excited to be a stop on J. R. Johannson's blog hop for her forthcoming book INSOMNIA (and to give you the chance to enter to win her awesome contest).  J. R. is a fellow Lucky 13s member, and I can't wait to read her book!

Her eyes saved his life. Her dreams released his darkness.

After four years of sleeplessness, high school junior Parker Chipp can’t take much more. Every night, instead of sleeping, he enters the dreams of the last person he’s made eye contact with. If he doesn’t sleep soon, Parker will die.

Then he meets Mia. Her dreams, calm and beautifully uncomplicated, allow him blissful rest that’s utterly addictive. But what starts out as a chance meeting turns into an obsession; Parker’s furious desire for what he needs pushes him to extremes he never thought he’d go. And when someone begins terrorizing Mia with twisted death threats, Parker’s memory blackouts leave him doubting his own innocence.

I decided to ask J. R. a bunch of questions about the opposite of insomnia...sleep!  

Are you a night owl or morning bird? 
Oh...I'm a night owl through and through. I can barely function before noon.

What imaginary things used to scare you in the dark when you were young? 
I was more afraid of reality than monsters. For me, it was always the stranger in the closet or the kidnapper outside the window. Not sure if I was too wise or just lacked imagination. ;-)

If you can remember dreams, what's the strangest one you ever remember having (or it could be your scariest, if you want)? 
One wacky dream I've had a few times was that I fell off a cliff and was plummeting toward an ocean, but when I hit it, it was like a trampoline and I bounced back up to the cliff. I panted and caught my breath for a minute...and then I jumped off again.

Do you like to sleep with the TV on or off? Music? Fan? 
I'm a big proponent of white noise, so I use a fan religiously--but it isn't a real fan, it's from a white noise maker on my phone.

Do you like it cold in the room when you're sleeping or warm? 
I'd rather sleep freezing cold and with lots of blankets. I don't know why.

Where is the strangest place you've ever slept? 
In college, I worked for an airline and I got stuck in an airport overnight. But they didn't have flights at night and closed the airport, and I was a poor college student with no money for a I slept on the grass outside the airport. It was actually kind of fun. Like camping with no provisions...or anything else.

When does your alarm go off in the morning?
7:30...but only because I have to help get my kids off to school. I don't set an alarm at all every day I can get away with it.

What's your bedtime?
I'm usually in bed by 2am, but not always. Like I said...I'm a night owl. :)

What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep? 
In junior high, I was doing plays at a community theater. We had a massive sleepover one weekend and it was two nights in a row. I was up for about 48 hours and totally revved on caffeine and a sugar high. By the end, I felt ill and dizzy. It was miserable at the end, but I totally feel for Parker because of it.

What keeps you awake at night? 
Too many things. Both excitement and worry keep me up too late. I struggle with Insomnia...just so grateful it isn't to the extent of my main character.

Describe one item in your bedroom that is unique. 
I have a tiny crocheted frog named Julian on my dresser. One of my best friends sent it to me when I was sick and said he would heal me. He's adorable. :)

What do you usually sleep in (if it's not too personal!)? 
I'm probably have more pairs of flannel/cotton PJs than anyone else on the planet. They're usually my writing apparel, too. :)

What gets you moving in the morning? 
 Nothing. It's impossible. I just trudge through til afternoon. ;-)

J. R. is offering up a great prize if you pre-order INSOMNIA now.  I have a feeling we all may stay up late reading this book!

Buy copies here at the following locations:  Book Depository, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Indiebound, and Books A Million.

And enter here:

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