Saturday, December 15, 2012

Written As A High School Teacher

It hurts my heart that my students now have to learn to practice lockdowns in the way that I once practiced fire drills in school.

My students know exactly what to do in any area of the school if we go into lockdown.  They know the words to distinguish between the real thing and a drill and how to hide.  They know how to make the classroom look completely empty of any student.  They know where to put their bookbags, what to do with their computer monitors, what to do if they are in a hallway or bathroom, and what signal to look for to know that it is all clear.

Two years ago, it would have been next to impossible to get my students to stay quiet during one of these drills and take it seriously.


Now they practice the drill in complete silence and ask me if they did it right when it's all over because of the reality of our world today.


Kristan Hoffman said...

It reminds me of the stories I used to hear as a girl about how my parents/grandparents had to have bomb drills during the wars. I remember thinking how lucky we were, how far we had come as a society, to have put that behind us.

If I were pessimistic, I'd say mankind has regressed. In reality, I think it's more likely that things are cyclical. Either way, it's a shame that this is where we are, and what our kids have to endure. It breaks my heart. And yes, it scares me.

Mandy said...

I agree, it is sad that kids have to learn these things

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