Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Character Names

How do you come up with your characters' names?

Do you have a secret method?  Or does the name just come to you?

My husband is the driving force behind all of my characters names.


I have a bunch of names that I love, love, love, but my husband's love, not so much.  So all of the names that he's vetoed for future kids' names, have become the names of my main characters!

Such as:

Haddie (Operation Pucker Up)

Rhylee  (Back to the Start)

Jack (Canary)

Tessa  (Back to the Start)

Beck  (Operation Pucker Up)

Don't worry...my husband and my taste in names clash a lot, so I have a bunch more names saved up for future characters!

I'd love to hear where you get your names from!


Cate said...

I usually use a baby name book. I'm not that original when it comes to names so I haven't come up with a better method yet, lol.

coffeelvnmom (Jessica Brooks) said...

Depends on the book. On one, their names had to mean the way they were, and all of them had to do with plants. On another, the names just came to me and they were perfect from the beginning. On yet another, I had a theme going, so I had to stick with it when naming the characters. :) Thanks for sharing--I love learning how other writers work through their naming process! :D

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