Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nooooooo! Say It Aint So!

My lovely husband thought it might be fun to ruin my day today.

He shared this article with me.

Words cannot even express how upset I am.  I have been DYING to see this movie.  I made my husband swear we'd see it on Christmas Eve at midnight.  I planned to take my English 10 Honors students to it after we read the book.

How can I wait another whole year!?!

If you agree with me, this button might come in handy.  Make sure to press it with the sound up.  It pretty much sums up all of my feelings right now.

Oh, F. Scott Fitzgerald, I'm so sorry Hollywood sucks!

P.S.  Check out where I went on Friday after we left D.C.!


Okie said...

Bummer. I was looking forward to that one as well. At least it's only postponed and not scrapped.

Oh, and thanks for the "nooo" pages...that's pretty funny. :)

Jessica Therrien said...

Yeah. Sucky about the movie XP Hope you're having fun :)