Friday, July 27, 2012

Underground New York Public Library

I'm really into voyeurism.

But before you get all creeped out, let me explain!

I love to see what other people are reading.

It's one of my favorite parts of traveling.  I'm always checking out what books people at the airport have in their hands.  I also give my students 15 minutes a day at the start of class to read, and I'll stalk the aisles to peek at their book titles.  And one of the main reasons I was resistant on getting a Kindle was because I like to show off what I'm reading (that might make me a book snob...hmmm....).

I just think it's so fascinating to see what books people are taking the time to read.

That's why when I found this site, I was instantly in love.  Underground New York Public Library is all secret pictures of what people on the NY subway are reading!  The photographer takes the pictures (usually without the people catching them) and provides links to find out more about the books.

Oh my gosh, I love this site!  Seriously, I stalk it a few times a day!

And look here...this is my favorite sneaky pic!

You can also follow "the library" on Facebook.

Are you a book voyeur?  If so, where is your favorite place to check out what people are reading?


Isabelle said...

Thanks for sharing this site. This really made my day. :) So nice to see what other people are reading.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this is great! Probably going to be my new favorite distraction. I'm reading 11/23/63 by Stephen King, and I loved taking it to the beach to read since it's so thick and made me look smart. I guess you aren't the only book snob. ;)

Roxie said...

The sale of erotica,( like 50 shades of gray,) has gone through the roof because, on your Kindle, no one can tell what you're reading. Guess it's time to churn out a few racy novels.