Friday, June 1, 2012

Summer To Do List

Hey, hey!  Guess what???

Summer is almost here!  It's so so close!  Today is my last day of teaching and then my kids take finals on Monday and Tuesday.  Hip, hip, hooray!

The summer is a time for me to write, write, write.  However, I've made a few more goals for myself this year.  I'm sharing them with you, so you can hold me to them.  I'll check back in at the end of the summer, and we'll see if I followed through!

  • Finish first draft of new Middle Grade novel
  • Revise YA novel CIRCLES to make it a full-fledge ghost story!
  • Write an article for Hello Giggles (love, love, love the site!)
  • Write a blog post for Ruche (love their clothes, love their blog)
  • Finish season 2 of GAME OF THRONES
  • Rent a kayak and go out on the lagoons by my house
  • Take a paddle boarding lesson
  • Go to at least one of the outdoor concerts in my city
  • Go to the farmer's market at least once and cook from the fresh food I buy all week
  • Get Radley Therapy Dog certified (who would be cheered up by her cuteness?!)
  • Finish painting/decorating our bathrooms
  • Walk a minimum of 5 days a week
  • Take at least one yoga class a week
  • Send one handwritten card/letter to a friend a week
  • Read at least eight books (I think this will be easy, there are so many I want to read)
What about you?  What kinds of plans do you have for the summer?

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