Tuesday, April 17, 2012

If You Have a Minute...

If you have a minute...

Please hop over to the wonderful (and fellow Ohio writer!) Mindy McGinnis' blog. She interviewed me today about being a writer/blogger. Hot diggity dog!

Mindy is a fellow member of The Lucky 13s (2013 debut authors) and her book NOT A DROP TO DRINK sounds amazing!

NOT A DROP TO DRINK, the story of a teenage girl surviving in a rural America where an ounce of fresh water is worth more than gold and death wanders the countryside as thirst, cholera, and the guns of strangers; when her mother dies in an accident, the girl must decide between defending her pond alone or banding together with a crippled neighbor, a pregnant woman, a filthy orphan, and a teenage boy who awakens feelings she doesn’t understand.

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