Friday, March 30, 2012

The Secret to My Success....

Coffee...lots and lots of coffee....

How else can I teach high school kids, plan and grade their papers, be a MFA student and write YA books (not to mention spend time with my newly married husband and the rest of my family and friends)?

If you took my coffee away, I'd lose my superpowers!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Your Good Deed For Today...And The Day After And After And After....

The Animal Rescue site, who works with (my kryptonite), is having a hard time getting enough donations of food to feed the shelter pups and cats in need.

Please, please, please go to this site and find the purple box (it's dead center, staring right at you) that says "Click Here to Give- It's FREE!"

Every click gives them .6 bowls of food.

You can even sign up for daily reminders (it's below the sponsors after you click to donate).

It's good karma, y'all!

Radley thanks you for helping out her furry friends!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Happens Next - Colleen Clayton

A few summers ago I met Colleen Clayton at the Cleveland State University Imagination Writers Conference. We were both MFA students in the NEOMFA (which consists of four Ohio colleges working together...Colleen was at Youngstown, I was at Cleveland State), and we were both lovers of Young Adult literature. We hung out together that week talking about our favorite YA authors and our own books that we hoped to one day sell. Back then selling our books was just a dream.

But now, it's not a dream. Both of our books are being published (yay!) and Colleen is now able to reveal her AWESOME cover!

What Happens Next by Colleen Clayton
Expected publication: October 9, 2012
Publisher: Poppy (Little Brown Books for Young Readers)
YA Contemporary

I mean, seriously, does it not rock? I love how Sid looks like she's glowing!

It's contemporary YA, which is my number one love and takes place in Lakewood (the city I lived in for six years after college!). Here's the synopsis:

How can you talk about something you can't remember?

Before the ski trip, sixteen-year-old Cassidy "Sid" Murphy was a cheerleader, a straight-A student, and a member of a solid trio of best friends. When she ends up on a ski lift next to handsome local college boy, Dax Windsor, she's thrilled; but Dax takes everything from Sid - including a lock of her perfect red curls - and she can't remember any of it.

Back home and alienated by her friends, Sid drops her college prep classes and takes up residence in the A/V room with only Corey "The Living Stoner" Livingston for company. But as she gets to know Corey (slacker, baker, total dreamboat), Sid finds someone who truly makes her happy. Now, if she can just shake the nightmares and those few extra pounds, everything will be perfect... or so she thinks.

Humorous and thoughtful, Colleen Clayton's stunning debut is a moving exploration of one girl's triumph over tragedy.

Sounds awesome, right?

Why not go and add it to your Goodreads account?

Or even pre-order it!

I can't wait to read this!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

False Spring

We've had weather in the high 70s this week in Cleveland (in CLEVELAND...this is unheard of!).

The dog and I have done lots of walking, we've been a'grilling, the summer clothes were brought up and my main squeezed mowed the lawn.

I thought this quote from one of my loves, Hemingway, was the perfect fit to this amazing weather.

"When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be the happiest."

~ From A Movable Feast

Where are you the happiest in the spring?

*A picture from my side yard of the bushes blooming!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Book Pitch!

My book is going overseas to London in April to try to sell, sell, sell at the London YA Book Fair.

While I don't get to go with it (boo!), it will travel in a foreign rights guide and part of its belongs will be a book tagline. You see them more often on movie posters, but if you check out your favorite books, some of them have taglines on the cover.

Want to know mine????

If she stays quiet, her secret will destroy her.
If she speaks out, it will destroy everyone.

What do you think? Would you buy it?

Bon voyage, CANARY, and here's to some foreign sales!

*I'm hoping if CANARY has the chance, it will go visit Kate Middleton and bring back some of her amazing clothes!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Quick Survey

Fellow Lucky 13s author, Emma Pass, has a interesting (and quick!) survey (and contest!) up on her blog.

Take a second to visit and take it...the results should be interesting.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Author Bio...Yikes!

I need to submit my author bio to Medallion. It will go in my book and on their website.

I thought this would be easy, but it's hard! Real hard!

I'm trying to walk the fine line between funny and serious. I don't want it to be too plain old vanilla, but I don't want people to think I'm all crazy town.

I thought that since I've shared so much of my writing/the publishing process with you, I'd show you a draft of my bio.

What do you think? Be 100% honest (even if that means sending out annoymous comment)...I'd love to know what you think. Especially if it sounds like to much "funny" or "quirky."

Rachele Alpine is a lover of sushi, fake mustaches, and Michael Jackson. One of her first jobs was at a library, but it didn’t last long, because all she did was hide up in the third floor stacks and read. Now she’s a little more careful about when and where she indulges her reading habit. She’s a high school English teacher by day and writer by night. The words don’t come easily unless she has a big cup of coffee, a full bag of gummy peaches and the cutest dog in the world, Radley, sleeping by her side. Rachele lives with her husband in Cleveland, Ohio, but dreams of one day moving to Boston, the city she fell in love with while going to graduate school there. You can find her thoughts about pretty much everything at

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Hunger Games: One Week!

How excited are you for The Hunger Games movie?

My students have been reading the books for the last two years and following all the movie information with me (we have a whole bulletin board plastered with movie pictures/articles in my classroom).

The libriarian and I contacted our local theatre and reserved their party room for the 3:40 showing next Friday. Any students who want to can buy a ticket to come watch it together, and then we'll feast on goodies and talk about how awesome the movie was after.

I'm planning on trying to make something creative to share with my students, although I'm not sure they'll look as good as these...

It should be a lot of fun!

Do you plan on seeing it?

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What's In a Name?

I'm about 10,000 words into my middle grade novel and I've yet to name my two main characters.

I've scoured baby name websites, eyed up my class roosters and thought about past interactions with people, but nothing seems right for my characters.

Currently, I've been writing a lot about ---- and -----.

I kind of like the ring of it, right?

"Hello, my name is ----."


How do you name your characters?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Live Life...

For most of life, nothing wonderful happens. If you don’t enjoy getting up and working and finishing your work and sitting down to a meal with family or friends, then the chances are that you’re not going to be very happy. If someone bases his happiness or unhappiness on major events like a great new job, huge amounts of money, a flawlessly happy marriage or a trip to Paris, that person isn’t going to be happy much of the time. If, on the other hand, happiness depends on a good breakfast, flowers in the yard, a drink or a nap, then we are more likely to live with quite a bit of happiness.

~Andy Rooney

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cover Thoughts

I've talked about my cover a bit, because I've been thinking about it a lot these last few weeks. While marketing said I won't get to see my cover for another six months, I had to fill out a lot of questions about the cover. It was a pretty neat thing to do.

I had to answer questions about important locations in the book (the basketball court, the prep school itself and a swimming pool at nighttime- my main character, Kate, swims laps at night), clothes I thought the characters would wear (school uniforms- navy skirts or pants, white collared shirts), and important colors (maroon and yellow- Beacon Prep's school colors). I described the tone of the book and other things I thought might be important.

I also had to include pictures of actors and actresses that I thought looked like my main characters. I went to imdb for that and attached the following files.

I pulled pictures of Ellen Page and Willa Holland for Kate...

And Chord Overstreet and Chad Michael Murray (don't laugh...I was totally channeling him in One Tree Hill the whole time I was writing) for Jack.

This is what I wrote to the art department when trying to describe my thoughts/mood of the cover:

"When I envision the cover I see either a silhouette of Kate swimming in a swimming pool at night (perhaps from above, so the whole cover is the pool and her silhouette is on the bottom) or Kate floating on her back in a pool at night maybe with her hair spread out around her. Again, I see the whole cover the pool and a small part the main character of Kate. I think this would evoke the idea of solitude or feeling alone, especially at night.

The other image that comes to mind is an empty basketball court and either Kate sitting alone in her school uniform on the edge of a bleacher or lying on the floor of the court (again, the whole court is most of the cover) like the cover I’ve attached from Out of Reach. This would also evoke that idea/mode of being alone or solitude. She doesn’t play basketball, but she’s surrounded by it."

I'm so nervous and so excited to see my cover! I don't know if I can handle the waiting!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sending Love and Support...

This week has been one of the hardest weeks in my teaching career.

Chardon is a neighboring school to my school district.

Many of my students are friends with the students of Chardon, play sports against their teams, and went to Auburn Career Center with the victims. I have colleagues who live in Chardon, and my department has worked with teachers at their high school on professional development.
This week was tough.

It was one full of sadness, anger, pain, disbelief, fear, questions, support, unity and most of all love.

The compassion and drive my students had this week to come together and help amazed me. They are incredible, incredible kids.

Today my school gathered together wearing red, Chardon's school color. This picture, along with banners full of messages from our students, have been sent to them.

If you look in the middle, you'll see we formed a heart inside of our group to let Chardon know how much we love and care for them.