Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cover Nerves

I just got my PPTS sheet (Pre-Pub Title Sheet). It's full of questions that relate to my book for marketing. It's a little bit of awesome and a little bit of intimidation.

Some of the questions focus on my cover. Questions like what the main characters look like, important scenes in the book, locations, objects. I can even attach pictures of what I think my characters look like.

I have to admit that my cover is what I'm the most nervous about at this point. As a high school English teacher, I know how important a cover is. It's probably the most important factor in getting a teen to pick up the book. A cover, in my opinion, can often make or break a book. I have a lot of great books in my room that are a hard sell for my students simply because they don't like the cover.

I envision what it will be like when I get my cover...I will probably open the e-mail, see the attachment, have my husband look at it first and check out his reaction. Then I'll cover it and peek at the corner and slowly, slowly continue to remove my hand until I see it all.

Yes, I know. I'm a nut. But this is stressing me out! Big time!

I guess all I can do is pray to the cover gods that I get something as wonderful and amazing as this new cover, which I've been crushing on lately! Oh goodness, how I love this cover!

What are some of your favorite covers?


ladonna watkins said...

I like the cover from Incarnate and Hourglass.

Kristan Hoffman said...

It's true, a cover can make or break a book, but it's still so hard to know what's a "good" cover b/c opinions vary, and I wouldn't be caught dead with some very popular books. :P

LOVE the cover you showed here.

I also really like most of these covers: http://www.weheartya.com/2011/07/judging-books-by-their-covers.html

Sage said...

There are so many covers that I adore. I buy books for my bookshelf with gorgeous covers, and get others from the library or for the Kindle if I'm not in love with the cover.

Becca Christiansen said...

I can't wait to see Canary's cover! :) that cover you talked about is lovely.

Christina Lee said...

EEP!!! *bites fingernails for you*

And yet some of the best book have very little to the cover and become popular due to buzz and great writing! But, yeah it will be a big stressor for me too!

Can't wait-so excited for you!

Siv Maria said...

Good luck with your book and your cover. I agree, title and book cover are what get a readers attention. You have been tagged.

Victoria Scott said...

Oh, God. I'm going through the exact same thing right now. I'll tell you yours is beautiful if you'll do the same for me. Ha! :)