Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We Love You Gatsby, Oh Yes We Do

This week has been the week of Gatsby.

I don't think it's a secret that I'm a bit obsessed with the book, and this week my honor's class finished reading it and I transferred the Gatsby love to a lot of them.

Tonight my husband and I watched Midnight in Paris (it is awesome btw), which seems only fitting because today is the anniversary of Fitzgerald's death.

He died in 1940 and was only 44. Crazy, right? It's so tragic to think about what else could have been written if he had lived longer.

His grave is inscribed with one of my favorite quotes from Gatsby, and someday I want to go and visit it in Maryland (I guess it's right by a major highway and apartments. How weird what it be to have Fitzgerald's grave in your back yard?).

You death was a loss, Old Sport.


allison said...

Fitzgerald's grave IS in a weird spot! I went to see it when I was in grad school outside of DC ( and it's so strange to have it be surrounded by highways and stuff - but it still manages to be peaceful!

Jessica McKendry said...

Oh that would be so cool to see! It's too bad he died at age 44 :(

Cynthia Lee said...

Oh, how I love The Great Gatsby.

I went through a whole Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald stage in my early twenties. I live in Alabama so I made pilgrimages to a house Scott and Zelda rented in Montgomery, when she was very ill. And I also drove to a museum to see Zelda's paintings. *sigh* Those were good times.

Michael Offutt, Supra-Genius said...

I need to reread this book. I was not aware that he died in December. Thanks for the heads up.

Bee said...

I only read The Great Gatsby early this year (for some reason, I felt being 20 and reading Gatsby was very apt) and I went through every Fitzgerald book I could come across, in quick succession.

Does Midnight in Paris centre around Gatsby? I didn't know that. I have to check it out.