Thursday, December 15, 2011

Comfy Cozy Winter Break

I only have five more days of work until winter break! Yee-haw! Hot diggity dog!

I plan to spend lots of time with my family, friends, puppy and laptop.

I can't wait to start the days with a big cup of coffee and my coziest clothes.

I think J Crew knew exactly what I was thinking when they revealed this specific ad campaign.

And I can totally understand why this model feels it's necessary to be comfy cozy in her pearls. What girl doesn't write in her pearls?!?

(This picture was taken two winters ago when I was working on a draft of CANARY. This break I will be working on my edits! If only my former self would have known that one day that book would find a home!).


Lisa Nowak said...

I'm glad your break is coming soon. Enjoy it. :)

Sarah Pearson said...

You sound like my girls. As of the day you wrote this they only had five more days of school. I think they're counting down by the hour :-)