Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo....The Beginning

The craziness has started....NaNoWriMo (or National Write a Novel in a Month for those nonwriters who haven't heard of the frenzy that descends on the writing world in November) is here!

This is my first year and I'm cheating a bit.

I'm using the event as a way to complete/flesh out my novel. Right now, it's at 47,000 words, and I still plan to write the 50,000 words it takes to win NaNo. I figure if I write without editing and reach my goal, I'll have a pretty solid novel to cut back on and revise.

That's allowed, right?

I have to admit that I was jealous of everyone who got an early start today. I had to write until I got home from work, but I was able to get 1,015 words done, which is a little bit below the 1,600 words a day you should average, but I'm hopeful.

What about you? Are you doing NaNo? Any tips for a newbie? If you want to buddy up, my name is Kantner and you can find me here. I'd love to have more people kick my butt into gear when my word count sits stagnant.

Good luck to everyone who is NaNo-ing this month! Woo-wee...let the craziness begin!


Kristan said...

I don't NaNo, but good luck! You can totally rock this. :)

Kathryn said...

I'm NaNo-ing! It's my first year doing it (last year I did revisions for the WIP I was destroying at the time: NaNoRevMo, and the year before that I had no idea it existed). I have 2K under my belt so far, and I'm so excited! Buddying you! :) I'm KathrynSheridanKupanoff. Good luck!

Juliemybird said...

Finding you! This is my first year, too. Fun fun fun!

Christine Murray said...

I'm using Nanowrimo as an opportunity to complete my novel too! I'm sure that's fine :)

JEFritz said...

I think it's technically against the rules, but really, it's no big deal. Nothing I write is under 50K anyway, so it's not complete. Using NaNo to complete an already started novel is a smart idea.