Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I...Like...Use The Word "Like"...Like...ALOT!

I got my first round of edits from my editor...woo hoo...and have been working through them. My heart didn't stop and they seem manageable (mind you, I haven't gotten my line edits yet, these are more big ideas and their style guide).

One of the things the style guide draws attention to are "Preferred Usage of Words." One of those preferred usages is the word "as" or "as if" being used instead of "like."

It didn't seem like a big deal to me until I started to search for the word.

I discovered I used the word "like" CONSTANTLY.

Oh my gosh...it's all over the place!

Now I'm afraid my manuscript sounds like a valley girl!

Like....oh my gosh!

What about you? Do you have certain words that you use way too much?

Monday, November 28, 2011

Breaking Bones...err...Breaking Dawn

What do two English teachers do on their first day of Thanksgiving vacation?

See Breaking Dawn, of course!

I went with my coworker and let's just say the movie was..uhm....about as good as I expected it to be.

Which wasn't that good.

I saw the first one in the theater and wanted to see this one on the big screen too, because come on, who doesn't want to see that vampire baby born in mega-size.

I quickly learned after watching that scene....me.

Really....did we need to have the surround sound of Bella's bones breaking? No really. That was MESSED UP! Cringe worthy, throw-up, sick.

And apparently Edward eats through the placenta to get the baby out.

Yeah, I didn't know that because I didn't see it. I was too busy sitting with my hands over my eyes cringing from Bella's stomach being ripped open and bones cracking like twigs in a fire.


Also...I thought the first half was slooooooooow....I kept wanting things to move faster, or at least for Bella to talk. Stop biting your lip, girl!

Oh, and did I mention the bones crack o'lacking?

My coworker said her daughter had nightmares after seeing it. I told her it might have been because of the gruesome pile-up of dead bodies at the start of the movie. Nothing like the entire wedding party and guests in white...then adorned with red blood dripping down the mountain of corpses. Delightful.

And don't forget Bella's bones snapping left and right!

I was also equally creeped out by Jacob imprinting on Renesme. Really. Creepy. My students tried to tell me that it wasn't romantic, he was imprinting in a big brother way. No. It. Was. Creepy.

But at least we got to see a shirtless Jacob within the first 30 seconds of the movie. I'm joking, folks.

The soundtrack actually seemed like it might be decent. Maybe I should pick buy it, turn it up and try to drown out the memories of the breaking bones.


Did you see it? What did you think????

Thursday, November 24, 2011

With This Ring

How could you not say yes to this????

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. This was the year of new things...a new husband, an extended family, a new puppy and a book contract. If you combine that with the great family, friends and job that I already have, I'd say this year wasn't too shabby!

We're having Thanksgiving at our place, and my husband claims he knows how to make a turkey. Let's hope that's true!

I hope your day is as full of thanks as mine will be...Happy Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Don't Worry...Be Happy

This week we had a scare.

My pup, Radley, had been getting sick off and on for about a week and Wednesday night, she threw up a huge ball of string. We rushed her to the vet because they were afraid that she might have it wrapped around her intestines. Needless to say, I was beside myself.

The technician brought me into the examination room after the vet had taken x-rays and I waited for him to return with the news. The x-ray was already on the screen, and I maybe kind of sort of freaked out.

This is what it looked like...

I sat for about ten minutes thinking everything on the right (under the R) was her stomach full of string. I sent a frantic text to my husband, I tried to keep back tears and I wanted to rip the plug out of the computer screen so I didn't have to look at it.

The vet walked in just as I was about to have a nervous breakdown, and guess what?

The middle section isn't even her stomach! The small bean-like thing on the uppper left hand side is. I had worked myself up over nothing.

While they did monitor her overnight to make sure there wasn't any blockage, all turned out well and she is now back home. Sleeping upside down in comfort!

Why am I writing about this?

Because this is often how I get about life and my writing. I worry about things. I stress about things. I feel like I'm not going to get everything done or am not devoting enough time to something that's important to me.

But you know what? It usually ends up not being as bad at it first seemed. I often look back and wonder why I made such a big deal out of nothing.

So step back this weekend. Try to spend some time just enjoying things and not worrying. Spend an extra minute laughing with someone, eat a sweet treat or allow yourself time to just sit and relax. Celebrate all the things that do go right in your life and maybe those other little problems that you fret over will seem just that...little.

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Hunger Games Trailer

Just in case you missed it today....here's the link to the trailer for The Hunger Games!

It looks so awesome (and I loved the end when they shoot up into the arena.

Now, if only we would get a sneak peek at Katnis' dress of fire! Something tells me that they're saving that image for the movie.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The 13th Day

I blogged over at The Lucky 13s (the 2013 debut author group). I'll have a monthly feature that is on the 13th of every month.

This month we all described our books in 13 words. No more, no less!

Here's mine...
Kate has a choice: stay silent or expose her school’s corrupt basketball stars.

If you want to check out everyone else's blubs, head on over to The Lucky 13s. Which book sounds good to you?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hey, Hey, Toast and Orange Juice...or....Oxford Comma Fail

I couldn't help but laugh at this explanation posted by The Grammar Police (which is a fantastic Facebook page...btw...). Especially since I DON'T use the Oxford comma. Whoops!

What about you? Do you use the Oxford Comma.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Good Thing She's So Cute

You've all heard me gush about my puppy, Radley. She's named after a character in my favorite book in the world, To Kill a Mockingbird. Well, I'm teaching the book right now so I've been rereading it along with my students.

The other night I left it lying on my bedroom floor and tragedy struck.

Radley found the book and chewed it up!

She's never chewed a book before. Sure, she's chewed some shoes, my knitting needles, even a section of our staircase (grrrrr....), but a book!

A book that she's named after!

Now this is getting personal!

It's a good thing she's so darn cute!

In order to make amends for showing you a picture of a ruined book (gasp!), I will remind you of how cute my pup really is and how easy it is to forgive her...

*I promise our bedroom floor isn't dirty...it's just the way hipstamatic shaded the picture when I used my iphone! Crawling half under the bed is Radley's new hobby...it's pretty funny to walk into the room and just see her back paws sticking out!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Hunger Games' Cast in Vanity Fair

Have you seen the sneak peek at Vanity Fair's photo shoot with The Hunger Games' cast?

These people look too beautiful and innocent to be in an arena killing each other!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NaNoWriMo....The Beginning

The craziness has started....NaNoWriMo (or National Write a Novel in a Month for those nonwriters who haven't heard of the frenzy that descends on the writing world in November) is here!

This is my first year and I'm cheating a bit.

I'm using the event as a way to complete/flesh out my novel. Right now, it's at 47,000 words, and I still plan to write the 50,000 words it takes to win NaNo. I figure if I write without editing and reach my goal, I'll have a pretty solid novel to cut back on and revise.

That's allowed, right?

I have to admit that I was jealous of everyone who got an early start today. I had to write until I got home from work, but I was able to get 1,015 words done, which is a little bit below the 1,600 words a day you should average, but I'm hopeful.

What about you? Are you doing NaNo? Any tips for a newbie? If you want to buddy up, my name is Kantner and you can find me here. I'd love to have more people kick my butt into gear when my word count sits stagnant.

Good luck to everyone who is NaNo-ing this month! Woo-wee...let the craziness begin!