Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Zombies Have Feelings Too

You have one more day (one day!) to enter my contest. It will end tomorrow night at midnight (Wednesday) and I'll pick a winner Thursday.

I talked about three of the books that I'm giving away, but there's a fourth I didn't mention.

The book is called Zombies Don't Cry by Rusty Fischer. It's published by the same press who will publish my book, and I can only dream for a cover like his. It's a-ma-zing in person. The corners are raised and the eyes follow you no matter how you're looking at it. The design team also did a lot of fun things inside like playing around with the chapter title format and turning Rusty's author picture in a zombie.

The cover isn't the only thing about this book that rocks. It's about a girl...err....girl turned zombie and how she deals with becoming a part of the undead world.

I didn't think I'd ever feel empathy for a zombie, but I felt for Maddie. Life sucks for a zombie and I rooted her on while she took on the evil zombies (Zerkers), tried to mend things with her best friend and chase after the boy she liked (even if zombies aren't allowed to date regular people). Don't worry, though, this book isn't all about high school issues...there's plenty of gore and brains for those zombie lovers!

Make sure to enter my contest to win a copy, but if you don't, I suggest buying a copy of the book on your own. It's perfect Halloween reading!

Check out Rusty's sites...he's done a great job building up a place for people who love the world of the undead!

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