Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Lucky 13s

Today is October 13.

13 has now become a very lucky number for me.

I went on my first date with my husband on October 13 (it also happened to be Friday, the 13th)!

It's also the year that my debut novel comes out!

But my novel isn't the only novel coming out in 2013.

Meet The Lucky 13s!

We're the start of the Debut Authors of 2013. There's just a few of us right now, but as more deals are made, I'm sure our group will grow and grow!

Check out our launches today! We'll be blogging three times a week about writing, books and other great stuff.

And follow us on twitter!

If you get the chance, read our bios and let me know what books sounds the most interesting to you! There's already a few I can't wait to read.

Yay to 2013!