Thursday, October 6, 2011

Can I Pick Your Brain?

I need help fleshing out my main character in the book I'm working on.

Her name is Rhylee.

She's lived in her sister's shadow her entire life.

She is slightly overweight and despises anything physical.

I need a hobby/activity for her that she can do inside her house that she's good at. Something like cooking or video games or knitting.

Thoughts or ideas? Everything I come up with isn't right, and I know her niche is somewhere out there.


Heidi Windmiller said...

What does her sister do? Perhaps consider that Rhylee does the same thing--or the exact opposite.

Sarah Pearson said...

How about drawing? Or embroidery is a bit different from knitting. or maybe she loves to cook, or decorate cakes. Or what about dressmaking?

Okay, I'll stop now :-)

Mel Corbett said...

what about video games (mario? WOW? you name it?)Drawing? Painting? Writing? making paper? sewing? chemistry? model rockets? mixing things? building stuff (chairs? tables? dioramas? house of cards?) fixing things? like she can fix a toilet or a leaky sink like nobodies business?

Stephen L. Duncan said...

Coin collecting? It's kind of strange, but perfect for a sort of introvert, especially if you consider the potential for the backstory of each coin her imagination could create. They could be from someplace exotic and far from the reach of her sister's shadow - great props for a romantic who believes the grass is greener someplace else.

Ashley @ Book Labyrinth said...

Cross stitch or sewing perhaps? Origami?

Corinne O'Flynn said...

I was going to saw Origami too! Also french pastry baking. I like the idea of making it totally different from the sister.

graphic design? writer? advice columnist?

Angelina C. Hansen said...

Writes poetry.

allison said...

Inventing board games? Creative, interesting, most people would probably think it's strange/not want to play with her.

I also like the coin collecting suggestion from Stephen L. Duncan; I think there's a lot there that could develop her personality.

Chanelle said...

Makes perfume?

Collects magazine cut outs of certain kinds of stories?

Designs some kind of clothing (baby, children, animal?)

If she's smart maybe she could develop smartphone apps?


Photography? Then she could have a dark room she spends time in. Never in front of the camera but always behind it?

You can officially mark my brain as picked :D

Kathleen said...

How about Art Journaling? Here's a link to a site that kind of explains it:

Anonymous said...

Maybe she could be a button hoarder. I had a friend a couple years who went to vintage stores, Salvation Army's etc just to find cool old buttons.
Or maybe she was a big blogger - maybe something like Tumblr that doubles as a social networking site.

Rachel Morgan said...

Um... she likes to design and make her own clothes? She's a musician?