Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tweeting from Kenyon

Hey, hey...what do you think about this tweet and reply!?!

Rachele Alpine

John Green

I LOVE that I'm living and writing (for eight days!) on the same campus where John Green went to school.

I'm trying to fit the urge to be a crazy extreme fan girl and take a picture of his old dorm room.


Paigeewa said...

I just love that he replied to you! Have a blast at the workshop! And be a fan girl. My roommate got to see John Green at ALA last year and I threatened to not let her in our room unless she brought me a signed copy of Looking for Alaska. She had to slip it under our door before she could come in.

Kristan said...

a) Still jealous that you're in Gambier and I'm not!

b) Why were we not Twitter friends yet?!

c) HAHA I didn't know he went there. Love that he replied. I can't remember where I stayed in '09...

Matthew MacNish said...

Ha! That's funny. At first I thought you said Kenya.

And I went to the same High School as F. Scott Fitzgerald. Not as exciting since he can't reply to my tweets.