Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Writing Break

Oh...hey! How have you been? It's been awhile!

Revisions are done, the manuscript is okayed and it's going back out into the big big world of publishing houses. We shall see what comes of it!

So after months of working on revisions, I'm going on a writing break. Not a long one, I'm thinking three weeks would be a good amount of time to "detox" and get hundreds the words swimming around my head out.

What does one do on a writing break? about:

*Plan a wedding (this past Sunday marked six months until the big day!)

*Cross Country Ski (it's my favorite winter activity)

*Read some great books (I just started the semester for my MFA and I love the books in my American nonfiction class)

*Get a massage (we're talking a 90 minute main squeeze got it for me for Christmas!)

*Celebrate my birthday (next Wednesday!)

*Watch bad reality TV (I need to catch up on my episodes of The Real Housewives, Teen Mom 2 and Millionaire Matchmaker)

*Knit (I haven't done my dorky hobby that much lately. I need to find a fun pattern to make)

*Spend time with my family (since I moved 45 minutes away, I don't feel like I see them enough)


What about you? What would you do on a writing break?


Kristan said...

Read, mostly. And sleep. And see friends. And read. And sleep.

LOVE the new Harper Lee quote up top. Apparently your writing break activities also include Website Makeover. ;)

Lisa Nowak said...

Sounds like you've got plenty to keep you busy. Great new look for your blog.