Sunday, November 28, 2010

This Is For You?

Last night I talked my main squeeze into stopping at Borders. A trip to Borders usually entails me wandering the aisles and darting behind one every time I see him so we don't have to leave. It's a game of hide and seek just so I can stay in the bookstore longer!

He wised up and parked outside last night so I could just run in and grab a copy of The Mockingbird by Daisy Whitney. I've been dying to read it both for the story topic and the references to one of my all time favorite books To Kill a Mockingbird.

I went to the shelf and couldn't find it. I flagged down a worker who also looked at the shelf (uhm, I worked in a library in high school and practically lived in bookstores...I think I can tell if it's not there!). Of course, he couldn't find it either.

I was super bummed until he remembered that it was in a display for new books. I grabbed it and thanked him a bit enthusiastically (hey, good reading is good reading...I get excited when I have my hands on a great book).

He looked at me and goes, "This must be a last minute gift."

I shook my head no and was a bit confused.

"Oh, you're just so excited to have found it. I figured you needed it for someone."

"Nope, it's for me," I said.

"Really? You read young adult?"

Oh man, seriously? Do I read it? Uhm...yes! And write it, thank you very much.

He obviously doesn't know the wonderfulness that is young adult. What a sad sad life to go through oblivious to something so glorious!


Amy Lukavics said...

I have also had that OMG YAAAAY moment and the employee who helped me find it was all like "........."


Kristan said...

Booooo on YA-haters! Yaaaaaay for finding the book you wanted. :D

Daisy Whitney said...

I LOVE this story!!! So glad you found a copy and that it was with the new books!!!

Daisy Whitney said...

PS - good luck with Canary!!! I am rooting for you!

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss rachele! yikes you sure got excited about that book. how cool is that! its neat when you get a book you been wanting really bad to read. now you could get relaxed and get reading that book.
...hugs from lenny

Christina Lee said...

heh heh!


Oh and FYI--next book is YOU and meeting at Tommy's on Coventry on 16th!

Heather said...

Just discovered your blog and I look forward to reading more!

Meredith said...

Haha, I love when this happens. I always walk very proudly to the YA section of the bookstore :)