Monday, November 22, 2010

Lucky Reading

I have been so lucky in the last week and a half...

I love finding books that I can't put down. Books that I carry in my purse, read while my main squeeze is doing an errand and I sit in the car, hold in front of me during meals and fall asleep reading. I love books and read a lot of good ones, but books like these are rare.

My last two reads have been like that! Woo-hoo! Nothing makes a ay better like some amazing reading.

The first book was chosen by my book club (which I had to miss, because I'm in painting hell at my house right now...we're going on the third week straight of painting every single night).
It's REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly. Oh my gosh. I loved it so much. Like loved, loved, LOVED it! I already placed the school's copies in the hands of my students and told them to read fast so other people can read it!

The second book is HOW TO SAY GOODBYE IN ROBOT. I had heard a lot about it, but I hadn't gotten to read it until now. It's beautifully written and Standiford's voice reminds me of Laurie Halse Anderson's in SPEAK.

As fellow book clubbers, Lisa and Laura Roecker, like to say, the way these writers write "make us want to throw in the towel." They are so wonderfully done; I can only hope to write like them.

What are you waiting for???? Pick up the books and read them!


Kristan said...

I just finished reading Robin McKinley's THE BLUE SOWRD and its prequel THE HERO AND THE CROWN, and they are AMAZING. I definitely recommend. I've heard good things about both ROBOT and REVOLUTION, too, so I'll have to check them out. Right now I'm reading SAVING CEECEE HONEYCUTT -- yes, adult fiction -- gasp!

Lenny Lee* said...

hi miss rachele! im thinking those books are maybe too old for me. im gonna write them down and give them to my brothers and sisters.
...hugs from lenny

Naomi Ruth said...

Those sound good! I will have to put them on my list. I also have had a chance to read some Really wonderful books lately. I Love when that happens.