Friday, October 22, 2010

I'm Impressed

The other night I went with my main squeeze and his parents to see the stage adaptation of The Kite Runner at Cleveland Public Theatre. I did not have huge expectations for the show because usually when a book is adapted to the screen or stage, I'm disappointed (as was the case when I saw the movie version of this book).

However, I was very very impressed by the play. While they were unable to realistically depict the kites flying (which was my biggest disappointment), the playwright was about to capture the essence of the play. The first act was done with dual characters of Amir, the young Amir and the older one. The older Amir narrates the action during the first act and takes over during the second. The emotions and messages from the book were all shown in the play. I think the only thing missing was the history of Afghanistan. One of the reasons I loved the book was because of the background and history of the country that Hosseini depicts. Overall, I thought the play was great.

The adaptation got me thinking about other play/movie adaptations. There are few that I've seen that have done the book justice:
*Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
*The Namesake

What about you? Can you think of any movie adaptations that did the book justice?


Lisa Nowak said...

I think the movie Whip It was actually better than the book, which is a first in my experience. But then the author was a screenplay writer before she was a YA author, so it makes sense.

Kristan said...

I actually preferred the movie version of KITE RUNNER to the book... mainly because I thought the final tragic act in the book was unnecessary, and I was glad the movie left it out.

Like you, I also thought the NAMESAKE book and movie were pretty on par. But I'm not sure how many others I think worked out that way... THE NOTEBOOK is the only other one that comes to mind. Wonderful movie, and wonderful book. :)

Paige Garrison said...

While I personally didn't like Atonement the movie, the adaption of the book was phenomenal. I saw the movie and then took a Contemporary lit class where Atonement was one of the books we read. I never even opened the book because the movie was so true to the source material.

Christina Lee said...

Hey you!!Sounds great-- I've got to get out there and see more plays!