Saturday, August 21, 2010

Team Peeta or Team Gale? Which Team Are You On?

Okay, okay...this is all over the web, so I feel like I have to do my post on it too.

Well, what are you???

Team Peeta or Team Gale?

I'm team Peeta all the way.

I mean, really, is there any doubt as to who the better choice is?

Now, looking at it from a writer's standpoint, you could argue that I'm pulling for him because Collins develops and stays with his character for the majority of the two books. Sure, we see Gale a bunch and we hear Katniss' thoughts on him, but Peeta is the one we're with most of the time and I gotta admit that I love that boy (man?). He is so faithful and loves Katniss, but not in a mushy or pining way. He is strong and tough and gets mad. I love in the second book when he lets Katniss sleep with him when she has bad dreams. He is just so good.

Besides, Gale becomes a whiny baby every time something is shown on TV or happens between Katniss and Peeta. It's not like he's fighting for her or really doing anything to show he cares. He almost expects her to be with him and when it doesn't feel like she is, he pouts.

I have the admit that I just finished Catching Fire.

Like five minutes ago (okay, maybe two).

I hadn't intended to read it just yet. I'm a dork and when I find a book that I like I hate for them to end. I sped through The Hunger Games in less than two days. Catching Fire was already out and while I wanted to reach for it and read it, I also wanted to save it a little longer.

So I did. I waited all summer.

And I planned to wait even long and still have Mockingjay to read to.

That is until my awesome amazing and plan killing book club chose Mockingjay as our next book. Curses!

Now I just flew through Catching Fire and plan to get Mockingjay on Tuesday. I'll probably fly through it, but on the bright side, I know I have some great reading in store for me!

What about you?

Have you pre-ordered it?

Are you going to any parties?

And most importantly...are you Team Peeta or Team Gale????


Sarah said...

I'm Team Peeta all the way!!!! Of course I am. And I didn't pre-order it online since I want it in my hands as soon as the stores open on Tuesday. LOL

Rachele Alpine said...

Sarah...I feel the same way! I want to be able to start reading it Tuesday night! :) I can't wait! And rock because you're team Peeta!

Mina Carlisle said...

I'm Team Peeta, too! Because he's a total sweetheart and besides, the Gale thing just seemed to be Collins trying to make a love triangle happen. I've wanted to marry Peeta and have little Peeta babies since book 1.

I didn't pre-order because college usually wants to take my money and I figured if I pre-ordered it, I would need that $20 and not have it. But I will so be at the bookstore Tuesday afternoon to get it! Good thing it comes out before classes get into a full swing!

Kristan said...

Peeta, for the same reasons you said. Plus, I feel like he accepts and loves Katniss for exactly who she is. She thinks only Gale really gets her, but I disagree: I think Peeta totally *gets* her, even when he doesn't agree with her.

Versus, Gale wants her to be a certain version of herself.

Anyway, LOVE the series, already re-read them in anticipation of Tuesday, and OMFG I NEED MOCKINGJAY!

Kaitlin Ward said...

I'm team Gale!
It's partly because I tend to go for the more masculine, capable guys (sorry you guys but you know he is the more masculine, capable one, in a huntery sense.)

I think both Gale and Peeta love her comparably, but I don't think Gale is as...flashy? (wrong word, but close enough) about it. Imagine how hard it would be to watch someone you have loved forever, and spent so much time with (hunting together for YEARS, bonding, being best friends, etc) be a completely different person on TV (because gushy, giggly Katniss is obv not real Katniss), and be at least acting or maybe more than acting in love with some other guy. Painful.

I just always got a stronger vibe of a deep connection between Katniss and Gale, too. He might not be in it nearly as much as Peeta (kinda can't be helped up to this point) but he has a better sense of what Katniss truly wants, not what she thinks she wants.

I also can't imagine the mess of Katniss + Peeta as a couple in the long run because that is WAY too much PTSD for one relationship LOL. Although she may be best off without either of them, but I do think she needs one or (hopefully) both to stay in her life because she would struggle if left entirely alone.

That is the abridged but still scarily long version of my thoughts!

I've been team Gale since pretty much the moment he appeared, though.

Krista Ashe said...

I just read the Hunger Games last weekend. And I gotta say, Peeta had me from the bread story. I mean, we've got a kid here who will risk being beaten by his crazy mother to ensure that little Katniss has some bread. Plus, the whole way he was playing the games to help her, and the way he tells her he's always noticed her since they were little. Le sigh!

I get too much of a brother/sister/family relationship with Katniss and Gale. There's also the factor that it's the comfortable choice; they've been together so much. It'll be interesting to see how Catching Fire plays out for me if I should change my mind. I highly doubt it.

And even if there's the factor of PTSD, I think it could only make their relationship stronger. They drew on each other in the dark times, and they can in the future. Plus, it's like no one but them and other Hunger Games winners knows what that experience is like, thus drawing you together.

Can't wait for Mockingjay!

I haven't read far in Catching Fire yet...just started like 30pgs in.

Kara Mustafa said...

I'm Team Peeta!

Hanna C. Howard said...

Gotta throw in another vote for Gale.

He had me from chapter one. The first time I read the books I was in agony the whole second half of the Games (when Katniss is with Peeta), because all I could think about was how Gale must be feeling. How insane with helplessness and jealousy and worry he must be. How he must be hating himself for not finishing his sentence to Katniss as they dragged him away after the reaping. (Which I'm certain was about to be "I love you.")

Peeta's a sweetheart, but I'm crazy about Gale.

Oh, these books inspire endless debate and conjecture. I think I'll probably have to designate a post to be a Mockingjay discussion safe-spot on Tuesday, because Lord knows I'll be dying to discuss the minute I finish the last page.

We may all be divided over the boys, but at least we can agree... down with the Capitol!

Melissa Gill said...

Of the two of them, I'm more team Peeta. I think if anyone can help Katniss grow and expand herself it's him.

I love Gale, but I think he's like that guy you grew up with. You always thought you might date/get married when you were older, but then when the time came, it turned out he really made a much better brother.

To me there's another option and that's Team Finn. I think he's someone as jaded and cynical as Katniss was even before entering the games. But also strong, loyal, and capable. She could totally be herself, flaws an all with him. I know Finn's in love with Annie but... more conflict there.

I can't wait for Mockingjay. I did order it off Amazon so won't get it until next Friday, but I have to work anyway and wouldn't be able to give it justice until then anyway. (ie: I'd probably call in sick and get fired if I got it on Tuesday.)

So are there any other Team Finn people out there?

Mia said...


WOOOOT. Go Peeta. I agree with everything you said. Gale is very pouty, right?

Also I can't falt a guy who knows how to bake.


Sarah Enni said...

Team Peeta, like woah. Gale had many lonely, adrenaline-filled hours in the forest to make a move on Katniss, and he wimped out. Peeta is man enough to be honest about how he feels and go after her! (Because Katniss was not going to pick up on the romance vibes all on her own, that much is clear.)

I have totally preordered my book and thankfully my boss is as big a fan of the books as I am. Hopefully he will let me leave a pinch early Tuesday to go get the book!!

Girlinbetween said...

Team Peeta! <3

The kiss between Gale and Katniss in Catching Fire was just...Urgh. Lol. I was like, "GALE BACK THE HECK UP!" lol

Raven said...

TEAM GALE all the way!

Tere Kirkland said...

Eh. I'm Team Katniss.

Maybe once Panem is safe from the oppression of the Capital, then Katniss can decide who to love, but for now I think she's got too many external factors swaying her feelings toward each of them.

So... team Katniss FTW!

Anonymous said...

Team Gale! Because Peeta is a liar and a stalker and he is slightly crazy. Gale is a better match.

Anonymous said...

ok I hate peeta he is fat and sloppy and he should stab himself and fall in a snake pit . Gale is cool katniss should get hooked up with gale cuase he's a beast, LIKE AUBURN!!!

Lisa said...

Team PEETA all the way :) love the man with the bread :)