Monday, August 2, 2010

Blogs Blogs Blogs

I've become addicted to reading blogs. There are two types of blogs that I read...writing/publishing blogs and knitting blogs. Oh, and this blog because it's so heartbreakingly beautiful. I've been reading it almost since the day it started, and I warn you...if you go to see what it is, you may be hooked too. Actually, it is now a sort of writing/publishing blog too, because Matt is writing about book about the experience.

I have a steady list of blogs that I read every day. I've found a lot of them through my readers, through google searchers on various agents/editors and things like that, and a few have been recommendations.

Here are some of my favorite non-writing blogs; perhaps you'll start following some of these!

Knitting Lemonade: Kara talks about writing, knitting and bike riding. I wish she'd post more, but every time she makes my day!

Girl Who Knits: This is Kara's sister and she does some amazing knitting projects...amazing! Again, please post more!

A Friend to Knit With: I love this's full of every day simple things and her pictures make me smile (oh, and she knits too...ha!).

Lottie and Doff: Warning...this blog will make you hungry. Very hungry!

Lisa Leonard Online: My mom, sister and I all have necklaces made by Lisa. Her designs are beautiful and so are the pictures that she takes. Her blog is about her life and family.

Pink Picket Fence: Another more domestic blog with great pictures and crafts and fun ideas.

I haven't really found that many new blog lately. It's just my standard ones, and I feel like I know enough about the authors that I can take on a few more and start following their stories. Isn't that the cool part about blogging? That you start following people's lives and root for them and their successes?

I'm asking for share some of your favorite blogs with me. This includes your own blog if you don't think I've started to follow it yet (and I should....geez!). Please include the blog address in the comment section and perhaps a description, although I'm sure I'll visit all of them and take a look.

Thanks! I look forward to some great new reading!


Creepy Query Girl said...

I read your entry about twenty minutes ago but I clicked on Maddie's blog before responding and spent time getting to know her dad's story. SO moving and inspirational. I can see why its a favorite of yours. I visit the blogs in my 'posse' on a daily basis but I also really like Lisa and Laura write, Nathan bransford, Rachel Gardner, Sarah Lapolla, and BookEnds for agent blogs.

Joshua P. Premuda said...

this guy is pretty amazing: !

Jen said...

Thank you for sharing the wonderful links! As you know I'm working my way into knitting so I look forward to stopping by their blogs!!!

I love Carrie Harris, she rocks and so does her website (ALL THINGS MONSTERS!) I also personally love my own, but I think you're supposed to!

Matthew Rush said...

I mostly just read writing blogs, along with agents and other industry professionals and I'm not really into knitting, but my sister has a friend who does guerrilla urban knitting projects.

Have you ever heard of yarn bombing? If not you should Google it.

Kristan said...

All my faves, right here:

And you know, it took me a couple tries to get into Matt Logelin's blog style, but now that I have, I'm hooked. It's been wonderful seeing Maddy grow up so loved, and him finding Brooke, etc. etc.

Meredith said...

I love the blogs you shared! I've mostly been reading book review and writer blogs, but I'm looking for blogs about other hobbies. So much fun!

Melissa Gill said...

These are great blogs. Just what I need, more blogs to look at! I also love to knit. Right now, I'm not getting much knitting done though. Just the slippers I'm making to give to the nursing home for Christmas. It's easier to knit and read, than knit and write.

jen said...

de-lurking to recommend: - you have to read her infant daughter's birth story on her website first, though. she is a beautiful writer and a great photographer. the blog's really just about life and her family but she's so positive about the rough times that i find myself trying to adopt her viewpoint in general :)

Jessica Lawlor said...

Thanks for all these suggestions :) I'm in kind of a post-college funk and am looking for new hobbies to keep myself busy. Knitting sounds like it could be a good one to go along with writing.

Also, I am really enjoying your blog. I found it a few weeks ago and read through a bunch of posts. I featured you on my blog last week along with Chelsea (she let me know that you two are friends! small world) But anyway, keep doing what you do! It's great.