Monday, July 26, 2010

Writing Advice And A Contest Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered my summer contest! You all provided great advice and encouragement to writers. I've listed the advice below, but I know you all want to get to the winner.

My main squeeze picked the winner...

Congratulations to...


Seriously, I think it must be a karma thing because she's the one who featured me on her blog the day I announced the contest.

Thanks for entering and here is all the great writing advice that you shared with me:

*Playlists! I write best when listening to music, especially if certain songs speak to my character.

*Don’t self-edit! Wait until later before you edit otherwise you’ll second guess yourself.

*If the juices aren’t flowing, don’t try and force yourself to write anything serious.

*Dance parties to celebrate victories and really motivating for finishing.

*Brainstorm with a buddy.

*Write what you know


*Give the who, what, where, when and why.

*Adopt a plain writing style

*When stressed out, eat a cookie.

*When editing, read the manuscript from back to front.

*When querying, make sure you’ve got your genre right.

*Grammar—live it, learn it, love it!

*In the time you just spent whining about how you don’t want to revise, you could have revised two pages.

*Spring House Balsam fir candles. If your story is set in a forest and you live in the city, these can take you straight to the woods as soon as you light one. I’m big on scents when I write and have different candles for each story.

*Don’t write what you know…but rather write about what you care about.

*Love your writing like you love your dog; unconditionally. It might not always be perfect, but at the end of the day, you can’t live without it and it makes your soul smile.

*Completely ignore the editor on your should while writing. The little demon isn’t there to improve your writing, he’s there to sidetrack you so you never finish.

*The biggest one is to just sit down and write. Everyone thinks they can write a book, but very few take the time to do it, and that makes all the difference (of course, if they had a pen that smell like watermelon, I think they might be more motivated).

*Go see something artistic and brilliant. I do my best thinking about movies, symphonies, art galleries….I always feel compelled to write after I’ve beheld something triumphant someone else has tossed out into the universe for us to enjoy.

*Write something everyday.

*Read everything (books, blogs, etc.) and apply what inspired you to your writing.

*Spring House candles, Ipod music that fits whatever work you are currently writing and homemade sugar free vanilla lattes!

*Don’t let anyone discourage you from writing. If you want to write, write.

*Read other books

*Finish your novel

*Keep you butt in your chair and write everyday

*Write what you want to read. Forget about everyone else's thoughts/opinions and tell the story you want to tell. Go with your gut.

*Always go for the highest stakes. What is the worse possible thing that could happen?

*Kill those babies (things you love in your writing)...the new ones will be better!

*Read Stephen King's On Writing


Mina Carlisle said...

Congrats Jen!!

And I love all the writing advice! I'm going to have to try a lot of them now!

And also, I just have to know, where in the world did you find a watermelon scented pen?

Charlie said...

"Write what you know" is my favourite. An authentic voice is everything :)

Christina Lee said...

I think it IS karma--yeah Jen!!

Jen said...

YAY!!!!! I can't tell you how freaking elated I am!!! I'm seriously excited!!!

This was such a fun list!!! Stephen King's On writing seriously does rock!!! Seriously!!!

Meredith said...

Awesome writing advice! I love making playlists for specific characters, but I've never thought about buying candles for specific settings. I have to try that now!

Kristan said...

Congrats to Jen!

Also, I adore this: "Love your writing like you love your dog; unconditionally. It might not always be perfect, but at the end of the day, you can’t live without it and it makes your soul smile." :)

Matthew Rush said...

Yay! Congrats Jen.

Melissa Gill said...

Great writing advice. I'll have to try the music thing.

Writing Without Periods! said...

It's so nice to meet another writer. Great advice too. And the title of your blog is so unique.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Jen!

And awesome writing advice everyone :)

Ruth Donnelly said...

Congrats, Jen!

Lisa Nowak said...

Wow, what a lot of great advice. I better be careful with those cookies, though.