Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heading To The West Coast

My main squeeze and I are going to California for a week...yay! We'll be in Napa for four days and then San Francisco for three. I'm super excited and still trying to figure out how to jam everything into my suitcase!

I have postings set up for the next few days. I think I have the automatic postings right, so I'll still be around. However, in case they don't and get messed up, I'll be back next Tuesday posting again.

In the meantime...for a good laugh...I'm going to share what I looked like yesterday after I got my spray tan. I'm a huge huge HUGE sun safety person, but I wanted a little color for California. The fake tan has calmed down after I showed, but yesterday I looked like Ross from Friends (remember that episode?!).

I promise I look normal now! Ba ha ha ha!

Hope you have a fabulous week!


Mina Carlisle said...

"You were supposed to count Mississippilessly!?"

I love Friends and your tan looks great in the picture. Have fun in Cali!

Melissa Gill said...

Your tan looks great. Maybe I'll have to try that. I haven't voluntarily gone in the sun without 50 since 1991, so I could probably use a little color myself.

Have fun on your vacation!

Meredith said...

Such a good Friends episode! But you look nothing like orange Ross. Have an awesome time in California!

Kristan said...

Haha, have fun in the (real) sun!

Lenny said...

wow! spray on sunshine. i didnt ever know there was such a thing. i gotta say it looks pretty nice. does it wash off in the bath or shower or in the rain?
...smiles from lenny