Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Querying Story

I'm pretty sure I haven't told my querying story, so Christina at Write-Brain told it for me in an interview.

Feel free to comment or e-mail me questions about the querying process. I feel like an old veteran after all the months it took, and would have loved to have someone helping me out along the way.

Hopefully your querying experience is a bit shorter than mine!


Jen said...

Wow! Can I just say I loved your agent story!!! I am so happy that you shared it with us!!!

Way to go to wish that it happens before your 30th birthday and then viola your wish comes true! It's those moments that make everyone believe somethings are possible!

Creepy Query Girl said...

Cool! I'll go check it out (I love 'how I got my agent' stories. Gives me hope!)

Kristan said...

H1N1?!?!??! You crazy, crazy girl.

Kris said...

Great story! Inspiring for my own search!

Anonymous said...

I love your story -- thank you for sharing it with us!