Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A Mini-Contest For The Start Of Summer

School is out for the summer....well, almost. I have a teacher work day today, lots of grading and a closet full of books that is scary messy.

But my students are gone, so I say it's the official start of the summer!

I'm really looking forward to days of writing, writing and more writing. I have two notebooks full of my new book that I plan to type up. I'm excited to see how the story evolves once I start piecing it together.

I'm getting a three month pass for the yoga/pilates studio near me and plan to go in the mornings (to relax my mind) and spend the afternoons writing. Heaven!

I'm also doing a bit of traveling in between my writing.

This Friday (yes, Friday!) I'm heading to Boston with my mom. I'm not sure how much I've talked about Boston (or perhaps gushed), but I went to grad school at Boston University and I'm absolutely in love with the city. I have a lot of family there, so we'll be staying with them and taking trips to the city, Nantucket and Salem. I teach The Crucible, but I've never been to Salem, so I'm looking forward to that. I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures to share.

Here's the 23 year old version of me as a student in Boston...

My school (the School of Business at BU had a Starbucks in awesome is that!?)...

My apartment in Brookline...

I'll be home for three days from Boston and then head to The Kenyon Review Writers Workshop. I will be talking more about the workshop next week.

Then, my main squeeze and I will be going to San Francisco and Napa at the end of July.

It's a lot of traveling, but I'm going to be making lots of time for writing too. That includes blogging, which leads me to my mini-contest....

I'm not sure how often I'll have access to Internet on these trips, so I want to set up some posts ahead of time. I thought I'd open this blog up to questions. What do you want to ask me? What do you want to know? It can be anything from writing, to finding an agent, to teaching, to the submission process, to MFA programs or even personal questions about my life, likes and dislikes (although I may lie about my weight if you ask!).

I want to thank you for these questions, so I will give away one of my signed copies of 13 Reasons Why. You'll have until this Friday morning at 9 a.m. to post your questions. For every question you post, I'll enter your name in the drawing to win the book.

Also...summer is a great time to start reading new blogs (well, at least for me becuase I have more time). If you refer a friend to start following my blog, I'll give you three (wow, three!) more entries into the book contest. Just let me know who your friend is when they start following me so I can give you the three entries!

Ask away...I promise to answer everything!


Kara said...

I'm going to Boston this Friday too! I went to Northeastern for a year :)

My questions:

Yankees or Red Sox?
What would you be doing if you weren't teaching?
How long was your Canary query journey?

Christina Lee said...

Awesome for you!

I am waving to the 23 y.o. Rachel!!

Well, I am dying to your "how I got my agent" story b/c I wasn't around here when it happened (maybe you'd agree to let me interview you on my blog?).

So that's two questions so far: can you tell your agent story (again, if I missed it), and if you already did, maybe you want to do it on my blog?

Looking forward to meeting you in person tomorrow for book club!

Lisa Nowak said...

Sounds like an awesome summer vacation to me.

Jess said...

I have never been to Boston. I am not normally a city girl at all, but of all the cities in the world, Boston is towards the top of my list of Cities to See. I just feel like there is so much history there!

So my questions would be:
*What cities are on your list of Cities to See?
*I'm thinking about going back to school for an MFA. What advice do you have for someone in my shoes, who hasn't even started looking at schools yet and feels completely intimidated by the whole process of grad school?
*Maybe you've already written about this before, but can tell us about how CANARY grew from concept to book-on-submission? I always love to hear how books change--or don't--from original idea to finished story.
*What is your favorite part of teaching?

Have fun on your trip!

Rachele Alpine said...

Thanks for the questions so far, everyone! I'm looking forward to answering them!

Christina...I would love to be interviewed for your blog. We can talk about it tomorrow at book club! Yay for book club! :)

bclement412 said...


1. What were your query stats for Canary? (for finding an agent)
2. Have you heard from any pubs that you're on submission with?
3. What is the upcoming YA book you're most excited for?
4. Who are your favorite YA authors?
5. Do you have a favorite student? A least favorite student?

Janet Johnson said...

I've never been to Boston, so . . . if you only had one day to visit Boston, what would you go see?

Emilia Plater said...

Wow, I've always wanted to go to Boston!! I love that picture of you... and I echo Janet's question :D Also, what has being a teacher taught you about YAs? How has it affected your writing, if it has? =)

Mina Carlisle said...

My questions all involve teaching, as a future English teacher myself:

1) How do you get students interested in learning about literature if they don't appear to care at all about what you're doing?

2) What's your opinion on incorporating YA in the curriculum? Or do you think canon based curricula is the way to go?

3) What is your favorite book to teach?

Have fun in Salem! I've always wanted to go too!

Anonymous said...

I've never been to Boston, but have always wanted to. I hope you'll have a lot of fun there!

Question: How long did CANARY took you to write and revise? Did you put it aside before revisions. :)

Bee said...

Wow, you are so lucky! I've always wanted to go to Boston (..almost made it too. But, sigh..)

Question for you: How long did it take fron first draft to finished novel for you? (more or less, sandy's q)

Jen said...

What a fantastic contest!! Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know about it! Fun mini contests are the best! Time to put my thinking cap on! I'd love a signed copy of this novel! It's one of those that I am always on the verge of picking up but then the hubs tells me I'm at my limit, lol!

!. How long did it take you to find your perfect agent?
2. What were you doing when the idea for Canary popped in your head?
3. How did you decide who to query?
Are you part of critique group? Online or Real Life?
4. What made you decide to be a writer?
5. Any authors who inspire you?
6. Are you patient person? During this process do you ever feel like crawling out of your skin?
7. Favorite food while writing?
8. What's your favorite weather to write in?

I honestly have a ton more! I could go crazy with the questions but I'll try and refrain unless you tell me I can ask more! For now I'll be linking you on my sidebar :)