Wednesday, June 30, 2010

(Hand) Writing It All Down

I've talked about my writing process and how I hand write my scenes. Usually this method works, I'll think about a scene, write it down (most often at night) and type it up the next morning. I like handwriting, it forces me to focus on what I'm doing (instead of playing on the Internet).

Handwriting my scenes is a method that has been successful for me.

Until now...

I was very busy at the end of the school year, so I started just writing down my scenes.

And writing and writing.

Now I have three notebooks full of scenes, and let me tell you, it's driving me nuts typing it all up! While I'm excited to revisit stuff I wrote two or three months ago, it's very tedious to type everything out when all I want to do is move forward and develop new scenes for me book.

But I'm working hard to type it all up....

And my outside writing area is making it all a lot better. I go out there in the afternoon when the sun has moved to the front of my condo. I love it out here, so at least it makes the endless typing a little better.

I plan to have everything typed up by the end of the weekend, let's hope I can get it done or I might just go crazy!


Anonymous said...

I tend to hand write some of my scenes, too, and I do agree typing them all up is very, very tiring. Good luck!

Jess said...

I love the tactile sensation of writing, but I do agree that it is rather tedious to type everything else up later. I hope you finish soon so that you can move on to more writing!

Anonymous said...

I once hand wrote half a book. The typing was a pain and I finished the last half all on computer.

If I'm stuck starting a book, I'll hand write the first few chapters to get past my hesitation.

Sarah Enni said...

1) I LOVE your notebooks. LOVE.
2) Your little patio looks so beautiful and peaceful! *jealous*
3) I like handwriting scenes a lot, too. But I will keep this post in mind the next time I go on a hand-writing frenzy. Though do you think it's helpful to be typing up the things you wrote months ago now, since you can edit them like they're someone else's work? Just wondering.