Tuesday, June 22, 2010

College Revisited

This week at The Kenyon Review Writers' Workshop I've regressed in time ten years, to the days when I was a student at Ohio University living in the dorms. I can't say that I'm glad to be reliving these days, but the atmosphere of college life definitely is a good motivation to want to write and create.

Please allow me to give you the grand tour of my home for a week...

I'm in a double so the desk area is very long, which is a great place for writing late at night. Please notice the Diet Mountain Dew above, which also helps the late night writing.

It kind of makes me depressed that the shelves are so empty, but ever since my freshman year at college during Christmas break when I took home the posters from the walls and my family made fun of me, I've learned the value of picking and choosing what items to bring somewhere.

I drove to the workshop because it's only about three hours for me (even though most people flew from all over the US...and world), so I didn't have to bring the "travel size" of anything. Can you tell!?

My bed is uncomfortable and the plastic matress makes a swishing noise when you move, but at least I have my own sheets and pillows.

The other bed is a great place to store all my clothes. I mean, come on, who can argue with the fact that it is very important to bring three pairs of jeans and six pairs of shoes?

My window looks out over the green, but I'm a bit creeped out by being on the ground floor. I always think people are going to bang on my window when I'm sleeping on the ground floor. I know, weird, right?

The lovely dorm bathroom...blah! Luckily, I'm at the end of the hall and it seems like only one or two other people use this bathroom.

This is perhaps the grossest part of living in a dorm. One of the stalls has a bathtub. Really? A bathtub? That's about as gross as taking a bath at a hotel.

My door announcing who I am...

And the random panda on the door next to me that I just love...

There you have it...my digs for a week! Please feel free to send housewarming gifts...preferably sugar and caffeine!


Kristan said...

Aww, now you've got me all nostalgic too! This is what I wrote about KRWW last year:

Kenyon Review (part 1)

Also my TWO HUNDRED PLUS photos from that week, if anyone is interested, lol: KRWW weekend

I stayed in the dorms too, and the bathrooms weren't great but I thought they could have been worse. (I did bring shower shoes.) I'm jealous, though! I didn't have a panda. :(

Creepy Query Girl said...

No fair! I wanna go back to college too! Gosh that brings back memories:) enjoy the workshop!

Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

I do NOT miss those bathrooms, lol.