Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Submission Process Sure Isn't Easy

I don't write much about my submission process basically because it's always on my mind. I figure if I start writing about it here too, my obsession may slowly start to take over the world!

However, yesterday my agent gave me some news. Not bad news, but not the news I was hoping for. Actually, it's the best news I've received so far during the submission process, but it's not a book deal. I can't get specific, but let's use some similes to describe the news (some of these are actual similes from my life...can you figure out which!?!)...

It's like getting every number on a lottery ticket right except for one.

It's like watching LeBron shooting the game winning shot at the buzzer and watching the ball slowly roll around the rim before falling to the ground without going in (not that that would EVER happen...because the Cavs rock!).

It's like getting put on the wait list for the school of your dreams.

It's like finding a super cute pair of Jessica Simpson heels at TJ Maxx, but they're not in you size.

It's like finding out that you were the runner up for a job interview that you really wanted.

It's like trying on engagement rings, but then waiting and waiting for the proposal.

It's like finding out that U2 is touring again this summer but they're not coming to Cleveland.

You know, those almost things. Things that excite you. Things that are so close you can touch them. However, you just fall a little bit short.

Yesterday I had an almost moment.

It was tough.

It's bumming me out.

But I'm trying to remain optimistic. I still have submissions with editors and today we're submitting to a few more. My hope is still here and I can't wait to share news that isn't "almost" but that is actual crazy, exciting news!

Please send some positive thoughts my way. I'd love to celebrate a book deal with all of you sometime very very soon!


Ian said...

Chin up, Rachelle!

I'm sure it won't be long, you've obviously got a cool book if you've snagged an agent and publishers are looking closely at it.

Only a matter of time, and far better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, as my gran used to say.

Kristan said...

Contrary to what Brandy says in her song, Almost DOES count. Good job, and hang in there! Your book will find a home! And in the meantime, I know you'll keep writing more books, better books, and they'll find homes too. :)

Krista Ashe said...

I'm sorry, love. I know exactly how you feel. I compare my pub rejections to that line in Field of Dreams..."It's like brushing up against your dreams in a crowd of people and then having them walk on past" Sighs. It's a tough one. The waiting is excruciatingly painful...more so than querying b/c it's completely out of our hands.

I kinda dread summer b/c there will be that much more time to think about, lol.

FantasticFiction said...

Good Luck. When the time will come we will be lining up to finally buy your published book lol. Who ever thought that query letters are supposed to be the easy part of publishing lol.

Rachele Alpine said...

Publishing is such a long process! You get over one hurdle and then there is another! Ugh!

Kristan...did you know my first concert ever was Brandy? Well, Brandy with Boys II Men! Woo-hoo!

Thanks for the positive thoughts, everyone! They help!

Erin B said...

Close is better then a poke in the eye… I’m not helping am I?

Sending lots of positive energy your way – oh and U2 is coming to Denver, really a lovely place… again not sure I’m helping…

Lisa Nowak said...

I've been thinking about you, Rachele, and hoping that some teeny tiny bit of that energy will find it's way to Ohio and make you feel better about this a little sooner.

I've gotta say I don't agree with those of you who say being on submission is worse than querying. Yeah, having it out of your hands is a little frustrating, but it also allows you to turn away from it completely and go do something else. Of course my query process might have been a little more arduous than average, so that probably has something to do with my opinion. :)

Kate Hart said...

I was just wondering the other day how your sub process was going. Good luck-- thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I hope this next round see more momentum. :)

apalfrey said...

I'm shedding a few tears for you! (either cause I really feel for you or it's the early menopause.) ;)
I'm praying for you Rachele, you're great and you deserve a great book deal!