Thursday, April 22, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

What is that I see?

A Nicholas Sparks book?

A Nicholas Sparks book with Miley Cyrus on the cover?

And who is reading it?

Okay, I admit's me!

My female students have been devouring this book. I've had at least ten of them read in within the last two weeks. When one of them offered her copy to me, I decided to take her up on it. After all, I had to see what all the buzz was about, right?

I'm always so busy reading books for my classroom, for my MFA program and the latest YA stuff that I don't have time to read much else. I consider this Nicholas Sparks book a guilty pleasure. Although my guiltiest pleasure is chick lit (like Something Borrowed, The Devil Wears Prada, The Nanny Diaries). I have also loved reading chick lit, but more often now I download the books to my iPod and listen to them when I'm walking. I get to "read" the book and am more motivated to go walking!

What about you? What are your guilty pleasure reads? I'd love to hear either genres or titles that you indulge on from time to time...


Kristan said...

I don't know that I feel guilty about any of my books... Or music, haha. Actually I just went to see Last Song last night. Surprisingly decent movie. Miley's acting is the worst of the bunch, but it's still passable. (And her dude is HOTT.) Anyhoot, when I tweeted about it, I got a couple responses that the book blows the movie out of the water, so I hope you're enjoying it! I LOVED The Notebook and The Rescue by Sparks.

Tina said...

Love the pictures Rachele!

margosita said...

Haha, this was a funny post.

Did you hear how Nicholas Sparks wrote the novel specifically to be made into a movie for Miley Cyrus? This thought also cracks me up.

Hope it's good, anyway! I bet you're totally the cool teacher :)

Karla Calalang said...

The pictures are cute!

I don't know if I feel guilty about reading lol. I love reading anything pretty much :)

Sandy Shin said...

My guilty readings are the really childish Japanese shoujo mangas, but as for novels, I'm not quite sure I feel guilty about reading in any genre. :)

Christina Lee said...

You cutey patutey! Too funny b/c I picked that book up at Target yesterday, read the back cover, was afraid I'd cry my eyes out and put it back down!
I guess I can call all the YA's I read guilty pleasures--or not. But I swear some of my friends think I'm a teenybopper!

Falen said...

i'm going to say anything by Laurel K Hamilton.
Though some of them can't count as a pleasure because i just end up mad

allysonkate said...

I feel like for a 19 year old girl, Meg Cabot can classify as a guilty pleasure. So... guilty! :]