Monday, April 5, 2010

Greetings from Port Saint Lucie, Florida!

Please excuse me for blogging a little bit later than usual, but I have a feeling this will be the trend this week. If you don't remember (and how could you not because it's all I've been talking about for weeks!), I'm in Florida. It's beautiful out, sunny and a whole bunch of awesome because life is pretty good when you have nothing to do but roll out of bed and sit by the pool all day (and eat Gummy Lifesavers for breakfast, which I think I'm allowed to do when you're on vacation!).

My postings may be a little later than usually because I'm catching up on some much needed sleep. However, I have some great questions that people have sent to me that I plan to answer and hopefully will be able to post some pictures.

The only downside to being in Florida is that I made the decision to leave Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver at home. If you've read it, I've made it through the sixth day. If you haven't read it (read it!). It's a huge book, and I didn't want to bring it on the plane only to finish it after a day, and now I'm wishing I had it. I may have to set up camp at Barnes and Noble and finish it (which I think is okay, since I do own it...just not here!). And I will be at Barnes and Noble tomorrow morning early...can any one guess why???? You get huge points if you remember and even bigger ones if you'll be at your Barnes and Noble bright and early too!

Guess what I did on the flight down? I downloaded New Moon and watched it on the plane. Now, let me premise this by saying that I'm not a huge Twillight fan (yes, yes...go ahead and hiss, boo and throw things at me...but I'm really more into com temporary YA). But, I really really liked the movie. Really liked it. I liked it so much I wish I would have saw it in the theatre and may rent it again so I can watch it on a big TV (instead of my tiny ITouch). I was impressed!

Speaking of...Kristan asked me, "How are you going to survive without your Macbook?!" And let me tell you, it's hard! I debated bringing it, but I wanted this to be a vacation and I knew I'd start writing if I had it. Instead, I'm on my main squeeze's computer and brought a notebook to write in instead. I've missed my Macbook, but it was a much needed break.

Prepare yourself...I'm collecting a bunch of Florida related items for a prize package. I hope to bring my following up to 100 people, so all you yourself! I'm nice and have prizes and candy for all of you!

Okay, the sun is out and the pool is calling and this post is getting long and random....hope you all had a great Easter weekend!


Matthew Rush said...

Morning Rachele, thanks for sharing about your vacation (and your willingness to take a bit of a break from writing too).

I can't remember why you'd want to be a B&N today but I know it's not your novel because you haven't sold it yet (though I'm sure you will).

You're pretty close to 100 followers already so you'll probably have them by the time you get back home. I'll add a link to your blog on my sidebar. It probably won't help much but you never know.

Lisa Nowak said...

I'm glad you're enjoying some sunshine. Here in Oregon it's been cold and showery for over a week. Good writing weather, but it's so depressing this time of year.

Hope you have a great vacation.

Kristan said...

B&N for John Green, right? Or am I making that up? :P

Anyway, props to you for disconnecting! My boyfriend doesn't have a laptop so I'm always the one toting my MB around. But then again, I looooove my MB, so I'm happy to do it.

Enjoy Florida! Haha, as if I have to tell you that...

Lisa Nowak said...

Hey, Rachele, Amy K. Nichols just started a literary journal for teens. I thought some of your students might be interested in submitting: