Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cleveland Produces Some Great Writers

I'm not the only Clevelander (go Cavs!) writing YA right now. In fact, there's two sisters right near me who have a book deal (gasp...sigh...dream...). Lisa and Laura Roecker's book Liar Society is coming out next year and it looks great!

Check them'll be sure to get some laughs (especially if you like reality TV). It's one of the first blogs I go to in the mornings. They're running a great contest right now, so you better enter!

Now...back to the pool and John Green (about 100 pages to go and I'm loving it!)....


Lisa Nowak said...

I put Green's book on hold at the library. There was only one person in front of me, which was amazing.

Matthew Rush said...

Thanks for sharing Rachele, I already know about LiLa, and I love their blog as well.

Thanks for sharing anyway though!