Thursday, March 18, 2010

You're My Inspiration

Vania has an awesome blog full of her photographs. She does book covers, promo packs and trailers. If (when!) my book sells to a publisher, I'm going to do whatever I can to have her do a photo shoot for my book. I love the bookmarks that she creates. She captures the essence of the novels and the pictures alone tell a story.

I write in journals before I type out my books, and I paste pictures on the pages as a way to find inspiration and encourage ideas. I've been pulling pictures for my newest book, but only have a few so far.

However, I have the pictures for Canary (remember that book I wrote, that's on submission? Yeah, I've kind of been blocking it from my mind because the waiting to hear back from editors is TORTURE!). I kept them bookmarked because each time I started a new journal, I repasted the inspiration pictures. Here are the ones that I used:

This first picture goes along with the title of my's background on my computer right now too!

This picture has to do with the title of my book and the theme:

Basketball is the center of my main character Kate's world. She grew up watching her dad coach high school basketball:

Kate and her dad used to play basketball outside every night. It was the way that they were connected, but when her mom dies and her dad shuts down, they stop playing basketball. The loss of this time with her dad affects Kate greatly.

Kate's dad lands a job at Beacon, an elite private school. I picture Beacon to look a lot like the oldest dorm at Kenyon College:

The school might not be like Gossip Girl, but I like the uniforms that they wear:

Beacon's school colors are maroon and yellow. I pictured all the boys wearing ties like this:

Kate's brother, Brett, enlists in the Army. She starts to pull away from her friends because she fears Brett will get hurt:

Kate swims at night as a way to cope with her mom's death. I love the images of a pool lit up at night.

What about you? What images inspire your writing? Share these images or link up to your own blog with pictures.


Christina Lee said...

How VERY COOL that you do that with images. For me its more music that I listen to when writing. Fingers crossed for you!!!

Kristan said...

Love it! You know, I never used to like the idea of doing this, but then when I actually gave it a shot, I loved it! I guess I'm more of a visual person than I thought... Anyway, I don't necessarily make it a rule, but if I see something in a magazine or online that fits, I do tear/print it out. :)

Mina Carlisle said...

I love the images idea! I love going to flickr and searching around because they have so many images.

I'm a very sensory writer. I need pictures and music, but seasons also affect my writing like whoa. There are certain ideas I play with in the fall and others are winter and then spring and summer are my huge writing seasons because the weather is just perfect for realistic fiction stories.