Monday, March 8, 2010

Why I Write Young Adult Literature

I often try to explain to people why I write young adult literature. Why I'm so drawn to teenagers and their experiences. The voice of my characters have always been one of a teen, even when I write short pieces in my MFA program.

I think the tribute last night on the Oscars to John Hughes helps give voice to my reasons for writing Young Adult literature.

If you have a minute, watch it. It's amazing....

Be sure to check back tomorrow...I plan on sharing more of my teenage years with you when I realize some more pages of my diary! You know you can't miss that!


Kristan said...

YES! I was thinking the same thing when I watched too! So awesome. Young people are people too. I'm glad someone recognizes it. :)

Mina Carlisle said...

I prefer writing about teenagers too, even if I'm only four years older then what is considered "teenager" (I always feel like 19 year olds are left out of the teen bracket). And whenever I write about teens in a creative writing class, I always feel like everyone else looks down on me for not writing about "adults".

But teenagers are awesome and young and fun to explore and they don't need to be looked down upon just because they are young.

Plus, I feel like I read somewhere that teenagers read more then adults, so why not let them have books they can relate to?

Emilia Plater said...

I loved the John Hughes feature!! Teens are so interesting to write about... and I swear I'm not saying that because I am one, LOL. It's a crazy, crazy time. What could be more fun?