Friday, March 26, 2010

To My Readers...

I'm going to hit one hundred blog followers soon, which is huge for me (and will result in a super duper contest, believe me...I'm already planning it!). I only started this blog a few months ago and didn't even know if I'd get any readers.

I can't tell you all how much I look forward to your comments each day, how I think about what might interest you when I'm writing my blogs and how excited I get when my number of followers and return visitors go up. You all are awesome and I couldn't of imagined how supportive everyone is in the blog world.

In other words, I wanted to say thank you for reading, following and commenting on my blog. Hopefully you find it interesting, useful, and amusing.

While I love my comments, I never know how to reply back. Sometimes I write back in the comment sections, sometimes I'll go to your blogs and sometimes I'll just enjoy the comments without saying anything.

I need you to let me know what you're looking for...
Do you look for a reply?
How do you want me to reply? Would you like me to write back in the comments, reply on your blog or send an e-mail?
Do you have a blog? Link to it in the comments; I'd love to check it out (or I may be reading it already!).

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I love my readers and want to become more interactive in my conversations with you. Thanks again for reading; you've made this blog something I look forward to doing every single day!


Michelle said...

This may not be helpful, but whether or not I look for a reply depends on a few different factors. Sometimes I leave a reply I want a response to, and sometimes not. Then there are days when I forget which blog I left the reply on, and don't always have time to go back and look for it.

I definitely enjoy a response when I leave a comment, because it makes a blog feel like a conversation. For the most part, we try to respond to people's comments on Slushbusters, but plenty of blogs don't.

Christina Lee said...

I think anyway you can find time to do it is fine. Have a good weekend, you!!

Kristan said...

Ditto what Michelle said, hahaha.

Also, if I want/expect a reply (usually meaning I've asked a question, or else revealed something a little deeper or more personal) I will typically subscribe to the comments to be sure I catch what's said. Sometimes I forget, though. :(

Anabel said...


I don't need a reply, but I can tell you it's good when I get one. I don't read that many blogs (I'm very selective or it could be I don't know how to find them, lol.)But the ones I do read, I do it regularly and yours is one of those. I really do enjoy it :)

And I do appreciate you following my blog, you and a friend of mine are my only followers (I know sad, lol, I just think about my blog as a virtual diary, lol.)

Lisa Nowak said...

I think that if a response pops right into your head, the easiest way to deal with it is to post it in the comments section. Sometimes, of course, a comment doesn't really need a response, or you just can't think of how to reply to it, in which case I think it's perfectly fine to let it go. I do like it when you visit my blog, but I don't expect you to reply to the comments I left on your blog there. As for email, I suppose that's fine when you've only got a few commentors, but when you get upwards of 50, that will take a lot of your time. I think you should just do whatever comes easiest and not feel guilty if you don't get to everyone.

Mina Carlisle said...

I don't expect a reply, but like a few people above me said, it's always fun to get one because it feels like a conversation and it can be either in reply to a comment left here or taken over to my own blog and turn it into a back or forth.
But it's also dependent on whether or not the comment itself is reply-worthy, so that is up to you! And time is a big factor, life is more important than replying to comments!

Amy Lukavics said...

Aww, you are so sweet Rachele. I'm with Michelle too on the comments thing. I love reading your blog and especially enjoy the layout, so freakin' awesome!

Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

I feel that the blogger replying in her own comments stream creates a conversation effect after the blog entry. And that's kind of a cool, spontaneous generation of community.

If I'm really anxious to have a reply then I'll come back and check the comments again. If I'm not willing to come back and see the comment to my comment then I really didn't care about the reply in the first place I think.

Emilia Plater said...

I love you and your blog, Rachele :)

I try to respond to the comments I get, but to be totally honest, I usually don't look for responses to my own comments, lol. For me, it's more a nice gesture on the part of the blogger that isn't necessary in any way. Keep on being awesome <3