Monday, March 22, 2010

Submission Free Weekend

This weekend I made it a point to fill it with activities guaranteed to help me relax and not worry about the fact that my book has been on submission for five weeks (ugh! That seems like so long...too long when I read about books that get bought after being on submission for two weeks). I pushed the worries and stress of being on submission out of my mind and had a great weekend. I recommend a stress free weekend to all!

Here's the summary (complete with links so you can follow me around on my weekend)...

*I headed to Old Navy after school to take advantage of the 30% Friends and Family coupon I had for the Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy (I may or may not have already taken advantage of it the night before online!). I got the deal of the century on boyfriend fit pocket tees that were marked down to five dollar (three-fifty with the discount!)

*My main squeeze and I went to Pizzazz, our favorite hole in the wall pizza place. I love it because they make a cheeseless pizza for me loaded with veggies and sauce so you don't miss the cheese. I eat low fat, so it's nice when I find a restaurant that has healthy options.

*We headed to downtown Willoughby for dessert at Oliver Twist. I splurged on chocolate, which kind of negates the healthy pizza I got!

*I slept in until ten (okay, who am I kidding...I sleep in every weekend morning. I love to sleep!) and then went to get a 90 minute massage. It was my Valentine gift from my main squeeze and it was just glorious.

*My main squeeze and I headed out to Legacy Village for some shopping and then dinner at Stir Crazy (another favorite because they'll make my stir fry with chicken broth instead of oil).

*Talked main squeeze into going to Joseph Beth bookstore (even though we were heading to Borders). This is my favorite bookstore in Cleveland...loves it!

*We finished the night with a trip to Borders because it was educator's discount weekend (which meant 30% all purchases). I loaded up on new YA titles and got a few gifts for a special family member who is turning one in less than a month!

*Tried to talk my main squeeze into getting Mitchells Ice Cream. They have my favorite vanilla frozen yogurt in the world and since moving from the west side to the east side of Cleveland, it's no longer in walking distance (in fact, it's about a twenty mile drive). He didn't believe that I truly wanted ice-cream at 9:45, so we skipped it. I talked him into running through the McDonalds drive-thru because I really was craving an ice-cream cone.

* I met my mom and sister at Aurora Farms Outlets to again take advantage of the Friends and Family coupon at Banana Republic and Gap outlets. Let's just say that my sister owns stock in the Gap, and I think I helped make it go up with all my purchases!

*And main squeeze, sister and I went to see DAVID GRAY! I love love love him and he didn't disappoint. We had front row seats in the mezzanine at the Cleveland State Theatre. It's small and the perfect venue to see a singer. He was amazing and I don't even mind how exhausted I am this morning! I don't know if I've mentioned this, but I love bands from the UK. Damien Rice is my favorite singer of all time and the best concert I've ever been to in my life (if you don't know him, check out his music) and next month I'm going to see The Swell Season.

It was the perfect weekend, and I didn't stress at all. What about you? What's something great you did this weekend? Share!


Anabel said...


Sounds like the perfect weekend all shopping, eating and entertainment. I had a good weekend too, but mine was full of cooking, laundry and a bouncing very mobile 8 months old that sabotages my chances to sleep late on weekends.

BTW, I can't wait until your MS gets bought, I want to read more!

Lisa Nowak said...

Wow, it sounds like you had a great weekend. I applaud your ability to distract yourself. :)

Tahereh said...

oooo sounds like so much fun!!

best of luck with the submission process -- i'm going on sub soon too, and i'm already nervous. eeeek!

fingers crossed for your success!!

Kristan said...

I visited my parents in Houston. It was pretty fun/relaxaing... but now it's back to CHAOS at work. (We're moving.) o_O

Amy Lukavics said...

You're owning that submission in the face, girl.

Huzzah to cheeseless pizza...I hate cheese. There is this deep dish barbeque chicken pizza at Mama Edda's in my town that they can make without cheese. It's pretty much the best pizza in the universe.