Monday, March 1, 2010

Running On No Sleep it's 8:05 and I have already had two Diet Mountain Dews and now I'm sipping on a big mug of coffee.


Because I was up all night reading! I couldn't stop. I would put my book down, lay in bed for a few minutes and pick it back up again.

I bet you're wondering what book made me do this. Well, let me use a story as a metaphor.

About half a year ago, there was a boat that every one was getting on. This was a big boat. This was an awesome boat that sailed to some really cool places. Everyone got on this boat. I watched people get on the boat. They sailed away smiling and happy.

I never got on the boat.

Until Saturday afternoon when I FINALLY picked up The Hunger Games. I never use OMG, but this is a OMG moment because this book is AMAZING.

Seriously, right now I'm thinking about the end of the day when I get to go home and finish the book. Let's just hope I don't crash before I finish it!

If you haven't read it, don't be a lame-o like me...pick it up and read it! Right now! What are you waiting for? Go it!


Kristan said...


I only got on this boat a couple weeks ago, but I'm already DYING for August to come so I can read MOCKINGJAY!

Mina Carlisle said...

Yay! I'm glad you finally hopped on board, matey!

I spent all weekend rereading The Hunger Games (boo that I can't go reread Catching Fire because of school) but I seriously advise that before you get home, you stop by your local bookseller and get Catching Fire and be prepared for more Diet Mountain Dewing and Coffeeing because it is just as addicting.

August 24 needs to get here soon!

Emilia Plater said...

Wow, I can't believe you lasted this long!!! haha. I stayed up ALL NIGHT reading Catching Fire. It's amazing when a book does that. :D

Lisa Nowak said...

I stayed up late when I read Hunger Games, too. And the next day I went right out and bought Catching Fire.