Thursday, March 25, 2010

Confession: I'm A Book Snob

Okay, I have a confession to make.

I'm a new book snob.

I'm not sure when this happened. I think maybe after I got a job where I was making real money that I could spend or perhaps when I started writing and realized how important it was to support writers by buying their books. Regardless of where it started, I am addicted to brand new book.

Exhibit A:
I place a $25.00+ dollar order about every two weeks to (Shhh! Don't tell my main squeeze). I love how they recommend other books under the books you order. It's such a good marketing ploy because I'm always buying one of those books too.

Exhibit B:
I can't walk into a bookstore without coming out with a book. I'm lucky because I got the educator discount which makes buying a book a little bit cheaper.

Exhibit C:
A student recommended a book to me yesterday called Montana 1954. It sounds often (the themes remind me of my own book Canary). I asked if I could borrow her copy and she dropped it off today. Well, it was old and kind of dingy. could still read it easily. What do you think I did? Ordered a new copy off Amazon because I wanted a new copy of it.

Exhibit D:
I try to rationalize my excessive buying of books with the idea that I'm using them in my classroom, but the truth is that I have stacks and stacks of books at home. A lot of the time they don't even make it to my classroom. I like surrounding myself with good novels while I'm writing, it motivates me.

All this evidence shows that I'm guilty, but I wasn't always a new book snob. I went to the library so much when I was young that the librarians all knew my name and I didn't need my card (they just looked me up in the computer). I also worked at the library in high school. I am a firm supporter for libraries, and I even wrote a letter to my governor when he started cutting hours and closing libraries in Ohio.

I have no doubt that when I have kids, I'll be back at the libraries all the time, but for now, give me a brand new book. There is no arguing that there's nothing better than the smell of a brand new book!

What about you? Are you a book snob?

ADDITION: Jennifer Hubbard is taking donations on her blog (and links to several other blogs participating). She will donate fifty cents to her local library for every comment she gets. I may be a book snob, but I also know how important libraries are! Please donate a comment!


Michelle said...

I think I've become a different kind of book snob. I used to buy books all the time, new, used, whatever. Now that I work at the library, I only buy books I've already checked out and HAVE to own or books that I can get signed by the authors.

Andrea said...

I think I've probably been a book snob for a bit longer. I love having my own, fresh copy of a book. I tried once to get into using the library. I checked out a new book, read it, loved it, and then went and bought my own copy! I will buy books at the used book store if they are in good condition. It's just something about having my own copy of a book to put on my shelf and read and reread whenever I want.

Kristan said...

I wouldn't call myself a new book snob per se, but as an aspiring writer I've definitely become aware of how important it is to buy books to support writers, and so that's what I try to do. So I might go to the library for the latest blockbuster, but an online friend with a book, or an unknown author whose book strikes my fancy, I will support by purchasing their work.

People like you are awesome though, lol. There need to be more of them!

(Frankly I just don't make enough to support a book habit like that yet. I can't wait until I do! Then I will probably be more like you. :))

Mina Carlisle said...

OMG we are the same person, I am convinced.

I used to go to libraries a lot, but know whenever I have spare money, I'll go and buy a new book to cheer myself up. I'll buy replacement copies of old favorites that got read to pieces. And all of this I justify by claiming I will use them in my classroom.

Needless to say, I had a field day with a Young Adult Literature class my college requires for all English-Secondary Education majors because of buying books for the extra project of reading extra books.