Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can You Crush on Someone's Writing?

When I was little I use to crush on people bad...real bad...as evidenced by the dramatic blog posting over the younger man (he was in fifth grade, I was in sixth...gasp!). I used to fall head over heels for movie stars growing up and I was convince more than once that I would marry a few of them.

Please observe the evolution of my crushes....

The Early Years

I kind of had a thing for cartoons. I loved Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks. I think I found him so attractive because he went for Jeanette, who always carried a stack of books with her. Sadly, I'm over him. I'm not digging the make-over he got for the new Chipmunk movies. He totally sold out for Hollywood.

Cartoons weren't the only thing I liked when I was young. I was also attracted to older men. My sister and I grew up listening to Micheal Jackon (I even had a MJ Barbie doll complete with a white glove you could take off), and I was convinced that he was the man for me. This year for my 31st birthday I went with twelve of my friends to see a MJ impersonator band at House of Blues!

The Grade School Years

Ricky Schroder first caught my eye in Silver Spoons. Well, maybe it wasn't him, but more the train he had that you could ride on. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want a guy with a train running through his house? And perhaps, I was a bit of a gold digger. He had the best toys! I practiced my early writing skills by drafting letters to him professing my love. I wish I still had copies of those gems!

I quickly gave up Ricky when Fred Savage came on the scene. I also wrote letters to him and sent them! I still have an autographed picture from him hidden somewhere. I remember carrying the picture around in my bookbag. Oh geez!

Jonathan Brandis was probably my biggest crush. The Neverending Story was my favorite movie growing up. When the sequal came out, it seemed right that I would give my heart to the boy in the movie.

I was crazy about Jonathan Brandis. I begged my mom to buy me a leather jacket like the one he wore in Lady Bugs and I made a giant bulletin board full of pictures of him.

The High School Years

My best friend and I were crazy about Jared Leto and Gavin Rosdale together. I am still convinced that My So Called Life is the best show ever made and the two of us ventured (braved!) a Bush concert to see Gavin sing.

The last major crush I had was Joshua Jackson from Dawson's Creek. Okay, so maybe I watched the show while I was in college, maybe I had the soundtrack to the show (and till listen to it sometimes when I write) and maybe I watch DVDs of it once in awhile. Shhh!

Now, fast forward to the present day. My main squeeze holds all the room in my heart and I've given up my crushes on celebrities, but something happened the other day.

I got really excited when I realized the newest book by an author I love is coming out in less than a month. And...not only is it coming out in less than a month, it comes out just in time for my Florida trip. I love having the perfect vacation book. I went and reported this to my friend.
"You have such an author crush," she said.

"A what?" I asked.

"An author crush. You love this author."

Love? Well, maybe not in the way I love my main squeeze or how I loved Fred Savage and Ricky Schroder.

But maybe she's right, because I do love this author's writing. I think he's brilliant and I could only dream of writing as good as he does. I follow his blog, his vblog and read any article that I can. Seriously, his writing is awesome and if you can have a crush on the way someone writes, I guess I'm crushing on his words!

So I must complete my evolution of a crush by listing my list one...

John Green!

He's awesome! He's amazing! He deserves all these exclamation marks!

And if you haven't read him, you have been living an uncompleted life. Check him out. I have a feeling you might start crushing on his words too.
What about you? Who are your author crushes???


Erica said...

Wow! You're childhood crushes were the same as mine! well, okay Pacey was my college crush too shhh ;o) I'd add in the NKOTB too!

Haven't read any of his, but just might after this post - thank you!

Christina Lee said...

You had me at Jared Leto...dreamy. I forgot about him and that show. I am thinking I may have a decade on you b/c my crushes were Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett--too funny! Oh and my author crushes are all women! ;-)

Kristan said...

Jonathan Brandis was dreamy. (It's just too bad about what happened to him...)

Anyway you have pretty good taste in men, so I'm willing to bet you have good taste in authors too. I've heard great things about John Green and really want to read his work.

My author crushes are... Suzanne Collins and Amy Tan are the first to come to mind. There are probably others, though. :P

Anonymous said...

I have a literary crush on one of the faculty in my MFA program, the wonderfully talented Anne Ursu. Growing up, I always hated mythology. It had something to do with a lame English teacher in junior high. But after reading the first book of Anne's young adult Shadow Thieves trilogy, I couldn't believe how quickly she sucked me in! Perhaps it's because the book is so damn funny and irreverent it made the subject matter more than palatable.

Kate Hart said...

I also wanted to marry Michael Jackson, adored Fred Savage (desperately wanted to be Winnie Cooper), drooled over Jared Leto-- and freaking love John Green. *high five*