Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Are Family

I've talked about writing betas and how invaluable they are with feedback, but I haven't mentioned sharing my writing with another group of Writing can be a very personal thing, so often it's hard to share with those who you care about the most.

I've been reluctant to share my writing with my family and friends, but my main squeeze talked me into letting him read my book. He started it during Christmas break and had an older draft (which changed significantly since my agent revisions). I tried to get him to switch to the new draft, but he wanted to read the original version I gave him.

He was my first male reader and was pretty excited to finish it Saturday night. He marked the occasion by signing the cover and deeming it an artifact now to save. of my first fans!

Family can be pretty bias, but sometimes it's nice to hear only good things! Do you share your writing with family?


Sarah said...

Sharing with family is hard. I've been writing for over a year now but I tried to pick it up once several years ago. I wrote those a few pages and decided to share with my boyfriend (husband now) and sister. They laughed for a good fifteen minutes. (And not in a good way) It made me give up.

Now, I write again. (And hopefully much better than that first ever draft) But I won't let my husband read any of it. Never again. My sister reads my stuff now. But I feel like family always gives you a bias review. So I have mixed feelings about it.

AchingHope said...

My sis is an English major, so I let her read some of my stuff. And my mum, because even though she always says "it's good!" it is encouraging to know that at least ONE person likes it :P

Kristan said...

Aw, what a sweetheart. :)

In some ways I like having my bf read my stuff, b/c his perspectives and tastes are so different from mine, so if he's excited by something then I know it's got merit! But at the same time, he isn't my target audience, so sometimes I feel like (a) he won't get it/care, and/or (b) I'm forcing him to read outside his interests.

At the end of the day, I know he's happy to do what he can to support me, and that's what I really appreciate.

As for family, my dad straight up doesn't have time to read my work, and my mom... Well, I let her read, but I do find her criticism the hardest to take. I don't know why. It's just a mom thing, I guess. :P

Brooke said...

Even when I used to write as a child and teen, I always covered whatever I was writing any time anyone came near... I don't know what made me feel so ashamed and embarrassed.
It is so personal and I was so paranoid... and writing has always been my escape and the one thing that was "just mine," so my family has never read anything. I have major trust issues, that much is obvious!

My best friend reads everything, though; she's a writer, too. My hubby has stopped asking, but he will read my current project once I've completed my first revision.

Eileen Wiedbrauk said...

No. There's too much emotion attached to whatever my family says. I can't take their feedback objectively and they can too easily crush me without even knowing it. :(

Lisa Nowak said...

My mother and brother have read some of my stuff, and I share with my younger sister on a regular basis. She's really smart about reading the foreshadowing clues and figuring out where things are heading. She's also got a great eye for typos.

Mina Carlisle said...

I don't think I've ever worked up the courage to share my writing with my family. It is really personal and, while they know I write and want to be published, they don't know what I am writing.

I do share with my email pen pal who also writes and shares with me. There's that comfort there where a semi-stranger is reading it, but I know her well enough to appreciate her opinions.

In fact, the last thing I shared with my mom was a story I wrote in the second grade about a baby kangaroo who goes on adventures.