Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Got Your Back!

I shipped off my prize package yesterday and want to thank everyone who entered my contest and who helped spread the word about my blog. Don’t worry, I’ll have another contest soon. I like seeing what kind of prizes I can come up with, and I love creating care packages. I used to summer camp, and I would get super excited when my mom sent me a package of my own. I want to spread that good feeling on to my readers!

I’ve now reached a 90 followers and am so excited to have all my new readers. I have to admit that I love seeing comment notifications come up in my e-mail box. It really does make my day. There is so much support and kind words from all of you. Thanks for your support!

Speaking of support, I think that’s one of the most important things that keep me going as a writer. The support of my friends and family. It doesn’t need to be positive words about my writing (because a lot of them haven’t read my writing), but it’s the acknowledgement that I am writing and working towards a goal.

My family has always encouraged my love of writing and reading since I was a wee little thing. They’ve put up with me carrying books everywhere (always to baseball and basketball games), they’ve listened to my endless story telling and they never once doubted that I would be able to write and do what I love.

My main squeeze has been a part of this crazy process firsthand and he has helped keep me sane. He’s gone on candy/tea runs when I’m up late at night revising, he’s been near me as I read e-mails from many agents and then my agent and he tells me over and over again that I need to keep writing. He’s kept me going through all of this and I’m grateful.

My friends have sent me tons and tons of good thoughts and love since I started the querying process for agents. I have all the cards displayed that I received from them when I landed an agent to remind me of how much I have people rooting for, and they have continued to check in and keep me motivated to write.

I also have teachers from my past who have supported me. As a homage to them, I’ve given a lot of my characters the last names of teachers who have helped get me to this point (from elementary school to college). I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be to someday give them a published copy of my book and thank them for working with me and inspiring me to want to become better.

Here are comments from Mrs. Sheridan, my Creative Writing teacher in high school.

I could name a ton of other people who support me (my beta readers, the blogging community of writers, my fellow MFA students, my students, my Kenyon Review Writers…). I hope one day I get the chance to acknowledge everyone publically in my book.

What about you? Who supports your writing? Give a shout out to someone special!


Kristan said...

Haha, I gave that heart-patch puppy card to Andy for Valentine's Day, 'cause it looks quite a bit like our dog. :P

Who's got my back? It feels like everyone most days. Parents first and foremost. Then Andy (bf) and friends. Then coworkers. Then random people you say "I'm a writer" to, hehehe.

I think a lot of people "support" your dream, but there's only a few who really believe in it. It's those few that mean the most to me.

(Oy, that sounds cynical and I don't mean it to. It's not that all the well-wishes aren't nice; they just mean more when there's real conviction behind them, you know?)

Also, when I was accepted to the KRWW, I put a donation button on my blog to help me raise money to cover the cost. I was definitely surprised at some of the people who donated -- friends in real life, but ones that maybe hadn't been as vocal about their support of me. It gave me amazing warm-fuzzy feelings to see that support manifested into action. (I promised to thank them all in the acknowledgments of my first book, hehehe.)

AWWW now I'm all warm-fuzzy just remembering all these great people in my life. What a fantastic post, Rachele! Thank you. :)

Audrey Webb said...

If it wasn't for my husband, I probably never would have started writing fiction. It wasn't anything he said or did, it was just that he makes me so incredibly happy, and I finally felt that a part of my heart that had been shut down was now open enough and accessible to start writing.

And he always makes sure there is a supply of Starbucks beverages on hand when I have a deadline looming.

Emilia Plater said...

That's so sweet that he goes on candy/tea runs :)) Awesome post. I totally feel you with the teacher thing. My fifth grade teacher actually called me up once and told me she couldn't wait to see my stuff in print - and remembering her saying that alone helped me barrel through some moments of despair last year! It's incredible what support can do for a writer - we aren't as lonely as people think. <3 you, Rachele!

Mina Carlisle said...

As cheesy as it sounds, my mom is probably my biggest fan, even if she hasn't read anything I've written in the past ten years, she automatically tells me she loves it.

Plus, she's like my dealer when it comes to pens and notebooks. She loves getting them for me!

My best friend and my e-pen pal are some of my greatest supports too. I don't think I'd still be writing if I didn't at least have them to get advice from or make me feel like I already have an audience!

My high school teachers are wonderful too. Especially one lady called Ms. Templeton. She always sends me little Facebook posts asking me if I'm still writing and giving me bits of encouragement about lessons I have to teach solo.