Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Last week I posted a poem that I had written in eighth grade (I know you all remember the majesty of this poem). The poem got me thinking about my writing from when I was young. I have journal after journal full of my teen-age angst, and I thought it might be fun to revisit it. I hunted around some old boxes and started to unearth some very amusing writing.

Exhibit A:

This is my high school senior year Creative Writing journal. My teacher had told us that if we didn’t want her to read any of our entries, all we had to do was turn down the page. I would say about half of my pages were turned down…yikes!

There are a ton of entries that would make you laugh for hours, but the one I’m going to share today is about a “crisis” in my life.

It states, “My crisis might finally be over. On Friday I went to Old Navy and got a pair of jeans. They actually fit me okay. Most people don’t understand what a trauma searching for jeans is. It takes me forever to find jeans that fit. It’s a fight. It has gotten so bad that my mom refuses to go out with me when I go looking for jeans.” Wow…what rough times I had in high school! Actually, jeans shopping is still a crisis for me. I’m short and every pair I ever try on is about seven inches too long (even the petite pairs!).

I remember hearing in high school that sleeping in the fetal position is a self-defense mechanism. I thought this would make a great line in a story, so I wrote it nice and big in bubble letters. I think I wrote a lot of stuff during high school in bubble letters!

The picture below is me brainstorming titles for a story I wrote. The titles are lame. I'm glad I was able to identify it. I think the story had to do with a girl getting ready for prom. I went through all her actions and how special it all was, but in the end you find out she has to go with her brother because she doesn't have a date. That's a story I might have to dig up for a laugh!

I went to a private Catholic school (all girls!), so my journal has a lot of prayers. Something tells me that we won’t be reciting this prayer during mass!

Okay, I know you'll get a good laugh at this last picture, but look at the beauty of it. I found it wedged between two pages of the journal. It’s me and my friend “hanging out” with the boys from Dawson’s Creek. Man, I was obsessed with that show! Okay, I admit it, I still love me an episode of DC from time to time (along with Varsity Blues)!

What about you? Did you keep journals when you were young? Do you ever go back and look through them?

I think that if you're lucky, I'll start posting tidbits from my journals. It's really compelling reading!

Oh....and I have a secret! A big secret! But I can't tell it yet...maybe tomorrow....


Melissa said...

Haha I love this! I found all my old journals when I moved. Some of the drama I thought I had was so funny...love it! Oh, and I'm excited for your news now! :)

Lia Victoria said...

Ahh! I *love* this kind of stuff. It is pretty much what my blog is based on, haha -- little relics from the past :].

I love your handwriting, btw, although that is probably irrelevant. And I understand the jeans crisis ><

Lisa and Laura said...

AH! I want to know your secret! And of course you can come to our next book club! We would absolutely love it!

Bee said...

This is hilarious *lmao*

I still keep a journal (I'll never grow up) but the entries are not as frequent as they used to be. I love going back to my old diaries.
I had so many problems!
The biggest?
Boys *lol*

Anonymous said...

I totally understand about the jeans. I'm 4'10" and the petites are still too long. A lot of people tell me to shop in the children's department. I have to tell them 8 year olds don't have hips.