Thursday, January 7, 2010

Blast from the Past!

One of my favorite blogs to read is YA Highway. I know a few of the girls who write for the blog, and they all have awesome books coming out or will someday come out (they’re manuscripts are just that good!).

The blog takes a road trip on Wednesdays. A topic is posted and they ask their readers to post about this topic on their own blogs. You’re supposed to link your blog entry in their comments, and then the other readers “road trip” to the blogs.

This week’s road trip was a visit down memory lane. YA Highway asked their readers to share some actual young adult writing (writing we did when we were in our teens). I thought this would be a great idea, because I could finally get my masterpiece out to the world.

I thought the poem I’m going to share with you was the bomb diggity when I was in 8th grade. I’m a bit weary about sharing it, because I don’t want to become too famous too fast with this great work of writing. I’m sure that I’ll have publishing companies beating down my door after reading this gem! Ba ha ha ha!

The origin of this poem came from Teen Magazine (I’m not even sure if they still publish that magazine). I loved the magazine when I was young, and they always included two pages of readers’ poems in it. If your poem got published, you would get a free subscription to the magazine. The problem was, I already had a subscription. My mom got it for me when I turned thirteen! I seriously held onto my poem, because I wanted to wait until I needed to renew. I thought it was that good, and I didn’t want to waste the free subscription. I am such a dork.

Okay, prepare yourself for the best poem you’ll ever read….

What Might Have, Could Have Been

As I walk along the sandy shore,
I think of what might have been.

Of summer days and summer nights,
with someone to hold me tight.

When I get to the spot where we first met
that bright and starry night,
a single tear falls in the sand
as I think of what might have,
could have

What? What is that I hear? Laughing?

That’s okay, I’m laughing along with you!


Kelly said...

I SO would not have the guts to post my teen writing out there for the world. But yours actually isn't shabby. :) I bet it would have been published!

I just found your blog via reading Steph Bowe's blog comments. Off to read more about your writing and you!

Melissa said...

I follow YA Highway, and I love it, too! :)

Kirsten Hubbard said...

thanks guys, we love you too!!!

Rachele: that is adorable. I love that you held on to it because you were so sure you'd win. Did you never end up entering it?

Amanda Hannah said...

This is so precious!
And the fact you incorporated bomb diggity into this post kinda makes you my hero LOL

Kaitlin Ward said...

Oh, it's cute! My eighth grade poetry was so lame.
I'm glad you love us at YA Highway :)