Monday, December 21, 2009

The Write Stuff

This is an early blog post for me. I guess I’m starting my Monday off nice and productive!

Speaking of productive…I wrote up a storm this weekend! It might have helped that there was an actual snowstorm this weekend, so I had a good excuse to stay inside and write. I was able to spend Friday night and most of Saturday writing. It was glorious!

I have to admit that I’ve been stressing a little bit about my revising, because I’ve been so busy with work, school and holiday stuff, but this weekend has renewed me. I was able to start revamping a major part of my novel, and the changes are exciting me. It’s the type of writing that makes me want to stay up late, skip eating and spend all my time working on these new scenes. The best part is that I’ll be able to do that after Tuesday, because I’ll have almost two weeks off for break. I cannot wait!

I plan to do my writing in two different places.

1) Coffee Shops:

I’m a huge fan of coffee shop writing. I stake out the perfect table (The perfect table is very important! I’ve been known to walk into a coffee shop and walk out if there isn’t a table that works for me.) and spread my stuff out all over it. I get my drink (Extra Hot Venti Chai Tea Latte No Fat No Foam No Water, please), turn on my Itouch and start typing away. I love writing when there are other people around me. The movement, smells and conversations put me in such a productive mood. I love the energy of coffee shops. I’m house shopping right now, and one of the specifications is that the house has to be within ten minutes of really good coffee shop!

2) My Kitchen Table:

I usually write at the kitchen table late at night or early in the morning. It’s usually stocked with coffee or Diet Mountain Dew and lots of gummy peaches. I’ll often have the TV on, but not loud enough to really hear it. I need the background noise. Now that the Christmas tree is up, it’s a great place to work!

Below are some shots of my kitchen writing spot.

Where do you write? Do you need to have a special spot to write, or can you write anywhere? Share your favorite writing spots!


Amna said...

I love having the laptop on my legs as I lie in bed XD

Kristan said...

HOO boy, at first I thought you meant you typed your novel ON YOUR ITOUCH! I was like, ARE YOU CRAZY, WOMAN?!

But then I reread and now I understand. :P

I too love to find "the perfect table" at coffee shops or at Paneras. My preference is a tall table by the window.

At home I have a writing nook, but I also like to take my laptop to the couch so I can work near my boyfriend and dog. Or to the desk by my bed, if I'm working late and they are already sleeping.

I also like working in airports and on airplanes. There's something about the boredom of transit that is conducive to my writing. :P

So... in reality I think I can work just about anywhere. It's more a mental place I need to get to than a physical one...

Your apartment looks lovely! Reminds me how much I need/want to spruce mine up a bit...

Kathleen said...

I don't write at coffee shops but I do edit at them (or on my couch). For some reason, I can't do paper edits in my home office.

I definitely have a favorite table in the local Starbucks. I have a back up table that I'll settle for but if both of those are occupied, I just go home. Sad and obsessive compulsive, but true.

Krista Ashe said...

I've never written or revised at a coffee shop. They look really cool to do it in though. I love my chair and ottoman at home. Cute post, and I love your kitchen writing area! Congrats on writing a lot...I have gotten ZILCH! LOL

Lisa and Laura said...

Lisa is productive in coffee shops...I've never really tried. I think I'd be distracted by all the potential people-watching. I usually write in my family room, but if I really need to concentrate, I head up to the office. I love your writing set-up--I could be productive there!

Rachele Alpine said...


I'm the same way with Starbucks! If my favorite tables are taken, I'll move on. Sadly, I moved from the west side of Cleveland to the east side. On the west side, I had five different coffee shops within ten minutes. On the east side, I only have two. There's been days where I'll drive from one to the other and back to the first hoping a table has opened. I'm NUTS!