Thursday, December 17, 2009

Random Fact Thursday!

I’ve decided to make my last Thursday post, “Random Facts about Rachele” a regular Thursday post. Woo-hoo! Cue the game show music and confetti falling from the ceiling!

However, I think 30 random facts a week is way too much. How about 10? Okay?


This week’s focus will be ten random facts about myself related to writing:

1) I wrote a story in elementary school about the origin of sherbet ice-cream.

Basically, a man (named Bert) was looking for a snack and wanted to throw some ingredients together. He asked his friend if the ingredients would taste good, and his friend commented, “Sure, Bert.” Well, sure enough, it did taste good! The man decided to name the new treat after his friend.

Uhm, yeah, I thought this was a great story. I thought it would make me famous.

2) I write everything out on notebook paper first. I can’t sit down and start typing.

3) I took a writing class in fifth grade (with Miss Radcowski, who I loved as a teacher!), and I seemed to always include the following line in all my stories, “the feeling slowly crept back into his/her arm.” I thought it was really cool and all my stories should have it.

4) My best friend and I created a magazine about dogs and horses (our two interests) when we were young. All we did was copy articles out of books and other magazines. We sold the magazine to our parents for twenty-five cents. Awesome, way to rock plagiarism at an early age!

5) My cousin and I used to play author (no lie!). We used to fight over who got to be Ann M. Martin. The loser usually got to be Judy Blume.

6) Gummi peaches from Malley’s Chocolates are my favorite snack to have next to me when I’m writing.

7) I revise with gel pens. I can only revise with gel pens.

8) I took a creative writing class my freshman year at Ohio University. However, I use the word “took” lightly. I went to the first three classes and then dropped the class. My teacher handed back my first piece of writing with the words, “this is not writing,” scrawled across the top. I never took a creative writing class at OU again.

But now, I have a masters from Boston University (where I took numerous writing classes), I’m working on my MFA in Creative Writing at Cleveland State and have an agent. Sounds like I know what writing is!

9) I get super excited when I think about where my book will sit on the shelves of a bookstore if all works out well….right next to Laurie Halse Anderson, Jay Asher and Avi. How awesome is that!?!

10) I need noise when I write. If it’s dead silent, I can’t concentrate. I’ll often write with the TV on in the background.

What about you? What is one random fact you can share related to writing?

And just because it’s the holiday season, here’s a bonus fact…it doesn’t have to do with writing, but it does have to do with my blog. It’s the reason I call my blog “Freckle Head.”

This is my Boston University student i.d. picture, and as you can see, I’m a true freckle head!


Lisa and Laura said...

That picture is ADORABLE! And I'm so impressed you're going to get your MFA. I've um, never taken a single creative writing class in my entire life. Sad, but true.

Kristan said...

Aww, #1 is TOO cute!

(And hooray for #8! Doesn't stuff like that feel great?)

Hmm... My random writing fact is that I once wrote a story about a paperclip. An anthropomorphic paperclip. Who had to go on a journey to find and save her dad or something. I think she ended up a princess. :P

I wrote it on the computer at my parents' office. Writing stories and making dollhouses out of cardboard boxes were my two main childhood hobbies, I think. Not sure what that says about me...

Becky said...

Mmmm... Malley's! Now I know what to bring to your celebratory party when your book is printed!