Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Agent Day!

Today is Agent Day...woo hoo!

Super writer Kody invented this well deserved day and Lisa and Laura are listing all the shout outs to agents.

I still have two hours and nineteen minutes to get in my shout of for my agent brand sparkly new agent Lina Sion from Global Literary Management. Officially, she's only been my agent for eleven days, but these eleven days have been amazing (and intense, since I've already started to work on her book edits).

So why does Lina rock?

The first reason is her enthusiasm for my book. Lina is super excited about my book, which makes me excited to work on making it better and better.

She gets what I'm trying to say with my book. She understands my characters and my writing style.

We've had some great brainstorming sessions over the phone, and I always hang up with great new sparks and paths to follow.

She e-mails me back quickly and lets me bounce ideas off of her (even if I ramble about my ideas in my e-mails and my thoughts get ahead of me).

I'm so happy to have signed with Lina, and I look forward to the next step in my journey with her.

Happy agent day!


Kristan said...

Don't have an agent yet, but YAY for agents in general! And congrats to you again on yours. (Had no idea it just happened 11 days ago, phew!)

Stephanie Jenkins said...

Lina sounds awesome! Hooray for agent appreciation day. :)

Krista Ashe said...

Lina sounds awesome, Rachele! I'm so excited for you. It's always fun when the books you beta find an agent!